Tuesday, March 11, 2014

And then life said...."Hahaha!"

I had a plan. 

See over the summer I started to get sick and worn down. I mean even the thought of just sitting here and posting a blog made me exhausted. No exaggerations, quite literally exhausted. So I stepped back from everything and I slowly started to get better. 

I decided to make a New Years resolution to be blogging again by the first of the year. I miss it! I miss my friends, I miss that feeling you get when you finish a book and can't wait to talk about it. I miss being in the loop! I used to keep up on what was coming out and when, had lists a mile long of stuff I was dying to get my hands on. But now.... :/ I wanted to get it all going again though.

Then 4am on the 1st I found myself in the ER. Happy New Year!?!....!  Err, yeah. Anyway. I'm fine. We're still not even sure what happened. Every test they put me through came out normal so who knows. So, once I was back to 100% from that life decided to kick me while I was down. Now my computer is dying.

I mean COME ON. Are you kidding me right now?! Sigh. I can turn it on and it'll start up just fine, but anywhere from 2 minutes to 2 hours later my monitor goes into power saver mode. So it's not worth starting anything if I can't make it through. Currently writing this on my iPad. It's annoying as all hell. I haaaaaate typing one handed. I'm sure there's a pervy joke in there somewhere....but you know what I mean.

Life 2 Sheri 0.
Well played life. Well played.

I'm giving it a positive spin though. I'm taking the excuse to buy a brand new computer!! I mean I know that this thing is most likely fixable but the fact is, my computer is almost 6 years old so it's wayyyy past warranty. Getting someplace around town to look at it will cost at least $60/hr + the cost of whatever I'll need to replace. Which may not end up being a whole lot, I realize that. But, frankly, I'd have to wait until April to fix it, BUT...if I wait ONE more month, in May, I can buy a whole new system. I like that idea tremendously! :D

Basically this was a long way of saying...

I'll be back (terminator voice)

Eventually. Hopefully in May. June if life still has it's ass kickin boots on.

Miss everyone terribly! xoxo 



  1. Aww I miss you Sheri! That stinks about your computer! :(

  2. Just checking, it's nearly June so will you be back soon!