Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday #20

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish!

This weeks topic is...

Top Ten New-To-Me Authors I Read in 2013

I have read SO MANY amazing new authors this year. Going through my 2013 list on Goodreads, I pulled up 26 names that made me think "Ohh! Ohh! I have to add this one..." They weren't the only ones that sparked my interest this year, but the ones that made me feel the most. Weeding that list of 26 down to JUST TEN?! Sigh...so freaking hard. These aren't in any particular order, but they are ten of my favorite authors I either "found" or finally read this year. :)

Kate Kaynak

Freaking love these books. But one thing I learned reading Kate Kaynak's series? Do. Not. Get. Attached! She writes these characters that you can't help but fall in love with and just when you think everything is happy and on the right track...she takes one (or 5) away from you! And usually violently!! But I love every second of it!!

Rachel Harris

Rachel Harris was, literally, one of the first names I thought of when I saw the topic for this week. If she writes it, I'm reading it. Period.

Stacey Kennedy

I saw the cover for Claimed and I was done for. Though when I read the description I was a bit nervous about the subject matter. Still I gave it a shot and I was hooked instantly. I still need to give some of her other series a try but Club Sin was the perfect start!

Tiffany King

Tiffany King was tied up with Rachel for first names I thought of while doing this. Simply adore this woman! I started with No Attachments and fell in love with Nathan and this story. Then I gave Jordyn a try. Here were two completely different types of books, contemporary/paranormal, and she nailed both of them. I've now got quite a few of her other books piling up in my Kindle that I'm dying to read!!

Jessica Park

I got this in a requesting binge on NetGalley a while back. The title grabbed me and when I skimmed the summary I had a feeling it would be a very emotional read, which is what I was wanting. Little did I realize that it would make me feel so much. I can't even explain it, but this book hit me really hard. I look forward to reading more from her in the future.

Caisey Quinn

If you haven't discovered Caisey Quinn yet, you are missing out! She will make you laugh. She will make you cry. She will make you scream and want to throw things! But you'll love every second!!

Victoria Scott

Dante. Freaking. Walker. Need I say more? Victoria Scott has this amazing sense of humor that shines throughout her writing that nobody else can seem to touch for me. Love it!

Ednah Walters

I love mythology and Ednah Walters does it right in my opinion. She's also very talented at those cliffhangers that make you want to throw something. She's evil, EVIL I SAY!

Cora Carmack

NA is really tough. I either absolutely love it or I want to drill a hole in my brain to try to get everything I read back out of my brain. A bit drastic? No I don't think so... Fortunately there are those few gems of authors out there that have it and Cora Carmack definitely has it.

Katy Evans

This woman created Remington Tate! Sigh. Yes, I'm obsessed. I don't care! He's my #1 book boyfriend therefore she is of course on this list!

So, is there anyone I didn't mention that I should be reading? Post me your links so I can find out!! :)


  1. What is Claimed and why am I only just hearing out it!? With a cover like that I need to be notified ASAP!

  2. Sherri!! Welcome back girl! This is a great list! I love Cora and Rachel too! Oh and of course, Katy Evans!! :-)

  3. :D Haha thanks! I actually even have reviews I'm slowly working on...I missed this *Dusts the cobwebs of the blog*

  4. It's what I'd say is light bdsm? I mean it's not like "omg why am I reading this?!" scary. It was tasteful? Haha if you can use that to describe a book dealing with that... :D

  5. YES, Rachel Harris, she is so fun and easy to talk to. :)


  6. Oh I love so many of these authors! Rachel, Cora, Victoria, Katy, CAISEY! Wooo! Great list Sheri! :D