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Monthly Recap #6 July 2015

I'm adding my link to a monthly recap round-up hosted by Feed Your Fiction Addiction!

I've kinda been in and out of a blogging slump the last couple of months. Basically just doing the bare minimum. In other words throwing up a review for any ARCs I've had as they publish. That's pretty much it. I just haven't been feeling it. Not in a sense where I wanted to quit completely, I've just found other distractions that I let occupy my blogging time. I miss it though and I'm finding a better balance without feeling so overwhelmed all the time. So here I am even though I haven't got much to recap but hopefully this time next month I'll be more into the swing of things again.

What I read in July:

What I reviewed:

Naked by Stacey Trombley
Commanded (Club Sin #6) by Stacey Kennedy
Simmering Ice (Atlantic City Hustlers #2) by Veronica Forand & Susan Scott Shelley
Drunk on You (Bourbon Boys #1) by Teri Anne Stanley
Her Stand-In Boyfriend by Kelly Jamieson

Favorite Read of July:

Drunk on You (Bourbon Boys #1) by Teri Anne Stanley
So much love for this book!

Least Favorite Read of July:

I liked this one but it just didn't wow me...cowboy or not haha.

Weekly Memes:

Other Posts:

There's nothing to update on the challenges I started for 2015 so I won't even bother updating that. As you can see I haven't done much.  One thing that helped me get back into a blogging mood was a series of posts by Michelle @ Book Briefs on Blogging on a Time Crunch. they're pretty motivational and helpful and she gives you some great and helpful ideas to manage your blogging whether you're a planner and a scheduler or more of a fly by the seat of your pants type of blogger. I recommend giving the posts a read!

So that's been my quiet bloggish life in July. Though regular life has been just as quite. It's weird knowing the summer is slowly coming to a close and I don't have a child to start getting back on a "normal school schedule" anymore. Now it's more like "Get a job!" haha. Sigh. Anyway hope everyone has a fun and productive August!

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ARC REVIEW: Clone Three (The Clone Chronicles #1) by Patti Larsen

Title: Clone Three
Series: The Clone Chronicles #1
Author: Patti Larsen
Publisher: Patti Larsen
Published: September 5th 2012
Format: eARC | Pages: 228
Genres: YA, Sci-Fi, Dystopia, Post Apocalyptic
Source: Publicist
★★★★ (4/5) Stars!

Patti Larsen | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads

I haven’t a clue who I am. 

Clone Three wakes up in a decaying city she is sure doesn’t match the one she came from. If only she could remember it, that is.

She has a purpose, at least--she must find her fellow clones, and the statue whose image is embedded in her mind. But she is lost, surrounded by a dead and crumbling metropolis, faced with those who have been altered by the illness that has ravaged the world turning survivors into strange, vicious creatures. She must risk everything, including the safety of her only allies, in order to complete the task that has been laid out before her.

But one question plagues her: is she this crumbling world’s salvation… or the source of its downfall?

I received a copy of this book, from a publicist, in exchange for an honest review. In no way did this sway either my review or my rating!

I don't think my feelings for a book have ever been quite so confusing to me. Ever. On one hand I feel like Clone Three was brilliantly unique, unlike anything I've ever read. It had this intriguing opening that grabbed hold of me, sunk it's claws in and didn't let go. Yet on the other hand there were times when the dialogue and character interactions were almost awkward in a sense. Like they didn't fit in the story and it brought on twinges of frustration. Just when I'd start to get lost in the beauty of this chaotic and horrific world, someone would say something or do something that just didn't feel right and momentarily break the spell that I was falling deeply under.

One thing that took me completely by surprise was how descriptively gruesome this book was at times. We're talking straight out of a horror movie or even The Walking Dead type of gruesome. Strangely it really fit. It added to the danger and intensity because it really painted a picture of knowing what could/would happen if the wrong group got their hands on you. Danger and intensity that is around every corner. It seems as if every time the little group we follow takes a significant step forward something jumps out from around a corner and two huge leaps are taken back. Moments of peace and relaxation are few and far between.

Cone Three, or Trio as the group that took her in started calling her, was just a brilliant character, well, for the most part. As a clone, I loved the childlike wonder she possessed. How things would seem so familiar to her and yet brand new all at the same time. Watching her struggle to figure out where she came from and what her purpose is in this world she wakes up in. Patti Larsen did such a good job in portraying her personality and making her believable and so full of depth. Once again, I should say, for the most part. Because she always had this way of walking away from everything without a scratch. I would have believed her more if things weren't so easy for her to pull through. If it wasn't just others that suffered the collateral damage in her wake, instead of it always being "well Trio walks away again."

There are lots of other fun, sweet, endearing and even rage inducing characters as well. A handful that I ended up loving instantly and others I couldn't stand in the same short amount of time. It made things very interesting and exciting.

Even though there were things that bugged me, I am totally invested in this story. While some of the details have been revealed and are becoming more clear, there are still a huge number of things that are left unanswered. I find myself dying to know these things and how the future, if there is one, will play out for these characters that I'm already deeply attached to. I can't wait to get my hands on Clone Two and Clone One and, hopefully, find answers to all of my questions. 

Is Clone Three, Trio, the worlds savior or it's destruction? I can only hope for the best.

A huge thanks to publicist Donna McCoy for the opportunity to read and review this book!!

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RELEASE WEEK BLITZ: Every Last Breath (The Dark Elements #3) by Jennifer L. Armentrout [Excerpt + Giveaway + Book Trailer]

The Epic Finale in Jennifer L. Armentrout’s

Dark Elements Series...Who Will She Choose?

ELB Teaser 3

Every choice has consequences—but seventeen-year-old Layla faces tougher choices than most. Light or darkness. Wickedly sexy demon prince Roth, or Zayne, the gorgeous, protective Warden she never thought could be hers. Hardest of all, Layla has to decide which side of herself to trust.

Don't miss the conclusion to this stunning Young Adult Paranormal series filled with danger and romance 

published by HarlequinTEEN.

Grab your copy today!

Amazon | Barnes and Noble | iBooks | IndieBound | Kobo | BAM


Roth cleared his throat. “Shortie, look…look at your hand.”

Look at my hand? Why in the world would he be asking me to do that in the midst of all the cray?

“Do it,” he said quietly and too gently.

The dread exploded in my gut like buckshot, and my gaze dropped to my left hand. I expected to see the weird marbling of black and gray, a mixture of the demon and Warden that existed inside of me and a combination I’d become almost familiar with by now. My nails had lengthened and sharpened, and I could tell they were hard enough to cut through steel, as hard as my skin, but my skin…it was still pink. Really pink.

“What the…?” My gaze traveled to my other hand. It was the same. Just pink. My wings twitched, reminding me that I had shifted.

Zayne swallowed. “Your…your wings…”

“What about my wings?” I almost screeched, reaching be‑ hind me. “Are they broken? Did they not come out—” The tips of my fingers came into contact with something as soft as silk. My hand jerked back. “What…”

Stacey’s watery eyes had doubled in size. “Um, Layla, there’s a mirror above the fireplace. I think you need to look in it.”

I met Roth’s gaze for a second before I spun around and all but ran to the fireplace I was sure Stacey’s mom had never used. Clutching the white mantel, I stared at my reflection.

I looked normal, like I did before I shifted…like I was going to class or something. My eyes were the palest shade of gray, a watered-down blue. My hair was so blond it was almost white, and a mess of waves that went in every direction like usual. I looked like a colorless china doll, which was nothing new, except for the two fangs jutting out of my mouth. I wouldn’t show them off at school, but that wasn’t what caught my attention and held it.

It was my wings.

They were large, not as massive as Zayne’s or Roth’s, and normally they were almost leathery in texture, but now they were black…black and feathered. Like legit feathered. That soft, silky thing I’d felt? It had been tiny feathers.


“Oh my God,” I whispered at my reflection. “I have feathers.”

“Those are definitely feathered wings,” Roth commented.

I whipped around, knocking over a lamp with my feathered right wing. “I have feathers on my wings!”

Roth cocked his head to the side. “Yeah, you do.”

He was absolutely no help, so I turned to Zayne. “Why do I have feathers on my wings?”

Zayne shook his head slowly. “I don’t know, Layla. I’ve never seen anything like this.”

“Liar,” hissed Roth, shooting him a dark look. “You’ve seen that before. So have I.”


Some loves will last ‘til your dying breath

Every choice has consequences—but seventeen-year-old Layla faces tougher choices than most. Light or darkness. Wickedly sexy demon prince Roth, or Zayne, the gorgeous, protective Warden she never thought could be hers. Hardest of all, Layla has to decide which side of herself to trust.

Layla has a new problem, too. A Lilin—the deadliest of demons—has been unleashed, wreaking havoc on those around her…including her best friend. To keep Sam from a fate much, much worse than death, Layla must strike a deal with the enemy while saving her city—and her race—from destruction.

Torn between two worlds and two different boys, Layla has no certainties, least of all survival, especially when an old bargain comes back to haunt them all. But sometimes, when secrets are everywhere and the truth seems unknowable, you have to listen to your heart, pick a side—and then fight like hell…

“Armentrout is a major talent…I just can’t stop reading!”
--New York Times bestselling author Gena Showalter

“Armentrout works her magic with swoon-worthy guys and a twist you never see coming.”
--#1 New York Times bestselling author Abbi Glines on White Hot Kiss

Amazon | Barnes and Noble | iBooks | IndieBound | Kobo | BAM


And don’t miss the first titles in the Dark Elements Series!


Amazon | Barnes and Noble | iBooks | BAM | Kobo


Amazon | Barnes and Noble | BAM | iBooks | IndieBound | Kobo


Amazon | Barnes and Noble | iBooks | IndieBound | Kobo | BAM

About Jennifer L. Armentrout:

# 1 New York Times and # 1 International Bestselling author Jennifer lives in Martinsburg, West Virginia. All the rumors you’ve heard about her state aren’t true. When she’s not hard at work writing, she spends her time reading, watching really bad zombie movies, pretending to write, and hanging out with her husband and her Jack Russell Loki.

Her dreams of becoming an author started in algebra class, where she spent most of her time writing short stories….which explains her dismal grades in math. Jennifer writes young adult paranormal, science fiction, fantasy, and contemporary romance. She is published with Spencer Hill Press, Entangled Teen and Brazen, Disney/Hyperion and Harlequin Teen. Her book Obsidian has been optioned for a major motion picture and her Covenant Series has been optioned for TV. Her young adult romantic suspense novel DON’T LOOK BACK was a 2014 nominated Best in Young Adult Fiction by YALSA.

She also writes Adult and New Adult contemporary and paranormal romance under the name J. Lynn. She is published by Entangled Brazen and HarperCollins.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Novel Goodreads | Author Goodreads

 photo InkSlinger Blogger Final_zpsmvysuyx9.jpg

ARC REVIEW: Her Stand-In Boyfriend by Kelly Jamieson

Title: Her Stand-In Boyfriend
Author: Kelly Jamieson
Publisher: Entangled Select Contemporary
Published: July 28th 2015
Format: eARC | Pages: 130
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Source: Publisher
★★★★ (4/5) Stars!

Kelly Jamieson | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads

This boyfriend business is about to get a whole lot more personal…

Event planner Lexi Mannis has a busy life in Chicago—too busy to have a boyfriend. For special occasions, she has her Stand-In Boyfriend, Mac Northrop. Mac offers (almost) all the perks of a real boyfriend—furniture assembly, a date to big events, and someone to cook for. But they've never been “with benefits”…until one wickedly hot night crosses the line.

Mac's been in love with Lexi for ages. He knows he should probably end it, but dammit, he just can't. When things get deliciously down and dirty, Mac is certain that he's made the leap out of the friend zone…until Lexi decides she wants to remain friends. With benefits.

What Lexi doesn't know is that she's running out of time. And if she won't promote Mac to Real Boyfriend, she might just lose her Stand-In Boyfriend to someone else…

I received a copy of this book, from the publisher, in exchange for an honest review. In no way did this sway either my review or my rating!

I just love the bittersweetness of a really good unrequited love story. Especially when there's a solid friendship involved. One of them secretly pining away for the other. Sigh. It makes my twisted heart soar. I love it even more so when it's the guy who's the one with all of the one sided feelings and the girl hasn't got the slightest clue, because I usually end up falling for that guy hard and fast. Her Stand-In Boyfriend ended up being everything I hoped it would be.

You know I was shocked when I was formatting this post and realized the book was only 130 pages. It felt like a full length novel. Well paced, very fleshed out and established storyline and characters. Normally I would say it's simply because of the history of the characters that there was no feel of rush or urgency from start to finish. But I feel like I knew the characters inside and out and there was plenty of the will they/won't they happening. So all I can say is well done, Kelly Jamieson. You squeezed so much into this short book and it flowed perfectly.

Sigh. These characters. My heart does a little tug just thinking about them. The chemistry between Mac and Lexi is just...I mean its...there are just no words. As I expected I fell so freaking hard for Mac. Every time his heart would crack a little over his feelings for Lexi mine would crack for him as well. But you can't help but adore Lexi either because it's not like she's purposely hurting him. She just has no clue. She is so sweet and kind hearted.

When they do finally hookup....Oh. My. Word. Did someone turn the heat on in here? It's explosive and passionate and just so much deliciousness! Although it would also happen to be my one teeny, tiny complaint about the book. Their idea of dirty talk...just didn't cut it for me. I kinda had to skim things here and there because it just didn't fit. Still though, unbelievable heat.

Even the whole billionaire aspect (which normally grates on me) worked well. Mac is like the quiet, nerdy and doesn't flaunt his money type of guy. Which is so much better than the I-have-more-money-than-God-and-I-can-buy-you attitude that tends to happen quite often.

Overall I am just so pleased with every part of this book. It's unbelievably quick but makes you feel like you've read 400 pages (in a good way). It's bittersweet, funny and unbelievably swoon worthy. I'm going to have to get my hands on some more Kelly Jamieson books real soon because I am hooked!

Thanks to Entangled Publishing for the opportunity to read and review this book!!

ARC REVIEW: Opposing the Cowboy (Hometown Heroes #2) by Margo Bond Collins

Title: Opposing the Cowboy
Series: Hometown Heroes #2
Author: Margo Bond Collins
Publisher: Entangled Bliss
Published: July 28th 2015
Format: eARC | Pages: 197
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Source: Publisher
★★★ (3/5) Stars!

Margo Bond Collins | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads

Never trust a good kisser...

Yoga teacher LeeAnn Walker has no desire to see the unspoiled beauty of her grandmother's ranch violated by a greedy oil company. But unless she finds the paperwork confirming she owns the mineral rights, that's exactly what could happen. The worst part? The guy spearheading the whole mess is none other than the hot and sexy stranger LeeAnn just kissed to make her ex jealous.

Jonah Hamilton thought his day was looking up until he found out the gorgeous blonde who kissed the hell out of him is the same stubborn woman he came to town for. And she's not too happy to find out she might be forced to allow drilling on her land.

But Jonah has a job to do, even if LeeAnn tempts him to turn his professionalism into something much more personal...

I received a copy of this book, from the publisher, in exchange for an honest review. In no way did this sway either my review or my rating!

Cowboys are a huge weakness for me, to a point where if I even see the word in a book title I will gravitate towards it and want to read it not even seeing what it was about. Sometimes it works out for me and sometimes it doesn't. I can't seem to figure out exactly where Opposing the Cowboy fits in that situation though. There were just as many things that I liked as ones I didn't. It's just sort of steady there on the edge.

My feelings seem to be split on everything. Like the characters for instance. LeeAnn was a really good character. She's passionate, has a huge heart and can be so sweet and quirky. One of her quirks though started to drive me crazy after a while. Her spontaneous nervous yoga habit. I think there were maybe 2 scenes tops that she was in where something didn't stress her out or make her nervous and she didn't start breaking into yoga poses. Since she's the main character I'm sure you can guess this book was full of yoga.

Then on the other hand there's the cowboy, the reason I picked up this book to begin with. Jonah was the real deal, tight jeans, Stetson, boots and manners. Yep he had that southern gentleman thing down pat! There were times though his thoughts felt more like they'd be coming from a female as opposed to a rugged cowboy type. Like his thoughts drifted into "sweeping her into my arms" on more than one occasion and I don't know maybe it's just me but I can't see someone like him thinking things like that. "Pull her up against me" sure but no sweeping. But really that wasn't bad and I could live with that except I disliked how he would constantly think of LeeAnn as irresponsible and flaky. And I don't mean in this oh-it's-so-cute-how-flaky-she-can-be-sometimes type of flaky and irresponsible. It was always in a very negative capacity. It made me have a really hard time viewing any "romantic" feelings he had towards her as valid.

One thing I really enjoyed without any mixed feelings was the bulk of the storyline in general. The big bad guy from the oil company going up against the yoga teaching vegetarian over drilling rights. That is what truly kept me plugging along. I was highly interested to find out how any of that would get resolved. And of course to figure out how people from two vastly different sides of such a serious type of a situation would be able to get past their differences and come together in the end. I was actually pretty pleased with how that whole thing turned out. Truthfully it came together better than I could have thought it was going to.

So, yes. There were things that drove me bonkers and things that didn't. In the end I did enjoy parts of it. I'm tempted to go back and read the first book because, while I'm not sure how I totally feel about Kylie, Cole seemed like he would be a fun character to get to know. I guess we'll just have to see! I mean, I feel like this is definitely one to give a try, I'm sure some of the issues I took with the book were just my own silly pet peeve types of things that stopped me from fully embracing it. I'm sure lots of you would have better luck with it than I did. And hopefully you do!

Thanks to Entangled Publishing for the opportunity to read and review this book!

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ARC REVIEW: Baby's Got Bite (Take it Like a Vamp #2) by Candace Havens

Title: Baby's Got Bite
Series: Take it Like a Vamp #2
Author: Candace Havens
Publisher: Entangled Covet
Published: July 28th 2015
Format: eARC | Pages: 166
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Romance
Source: Publisher
★★★✩ (3.5/5) Stars!

Candace Havens | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads

Some consequences bite . . . big time.

Bennett Langdon has a firm no-relationships policy. Still, it doesn't stop her from hooking up with a super-sexy bad boy at her best friend's wedding. After all, it's only one night—what harm could it do? Ten weeks later, a pregnant Bennett has her answer...

Linc Monahan can't believe it. This wasn't supposed to happen. He's a werewolf, and shouldn't be able to father a child with a human. Now Linc has to find some way to tell Bennett that not only do werewolves exist, but she's about to have a baby with one.

But when word of their surprise conception gets out, the fur hits the fan. There are people who don't want this baby to be born—even if it means killing. Now Bennett and Linc aren't just fighting each other . . . they're fighting for their lives.

I received a copy of this book, from the publisher, in exchange for an honest review. In no way did this sway either my review or my rating.

Werewolves, and vampires, and accidental pregnancies oh my! Well the first book in this series, Take it Like a Vamp, has been sitting in my Kindle for what seems like forever. But when Baby's Got Bite came along, I knew after reading that blurb that I needed to put my procrastinating to an end and at least read this one. I had quite a bit of fun reading this book. Though most things did work well for me, I will say there were one or two that didn't.

This book basically had me from the very beginning. The opening was the perfect mixture of absolutely hilarious and deliciously steamy. Bennett and Linc have a really great antagonistic type of chemistry. The kind where it seems like the only thing they would ever agree on would be the undeniable attraction between them. Oh how I love relationships that start out like this!

Linc is every bit the alpha male you would expect from a werewolf/shifter. He's the fiercely protective lone wolf. I loved how he comes off as very upbeat and playful but when you dig beneath the layers there's also  a bit of sadness and loneliness to him as well. He was quite surprising and swoon worthy.

Bennett on the other hand I both liked and disliked. She had lots of moments when she was funny and sweet and adorable, the kind of chic I'd even love to be friends with. Then there were the things that bugged me. Like the fact that all the supernaturals in the book spoke in a very polished manner. I mean, I guess it's also from the fact that most of them have been around for hundreds of years, but it's the fact that the two "humans" in the story, Bennett and her best friend Casey who's from the first book, both came off as, well, less than polished. Sure, Bennett's "potty mouth" was part of her character and how she was trying to clean up her act now that she was pregnant. I thought that was actually cute and funny at first but when every thing was "eff off" or "shove it up your a" it got less funny. And Casey was nearly as bad. I just thought it reflected negative on the human aspect and, to me at least, it screamed humans were white trash compared to all the sups.

I think that my biggest complaint though, would have to be the fact that there was so much build up and alluding to danger for Linc, Bennett and the baby for very good and very intriguing reasons. Allusions that, sadly, went no where. I was practically on the edge of my seat waiting for something to happen. Almost craving something to happen but nothing really did. 

Regardless of those few disappointments, I'd have to say I still really enjoyed this book. I love how there's a huge mix of supernaturals in it. I'm talking shifters, vampires, fae, witches, etc. It definitely scratched the paranormal/supernatural itch that's been nagging at me for a while now. Can't wait to see what else is in store for this series!

Thanks to Entangled Publishing for the opportunity to read and review this book!!

ARC REVIEW: A Touch of Chardonnay (Love in Wine Country #2) by Pamela Gibson

Title: A Touch of Chardonnay
Series: Love in Wine Country #2
Author: Pamela Gibson
Publisher: Entangled Bliss
Published: July 28th 2015
Format: eARC | Pages: 165
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Source: Publisher
★★★★ (4/5) Star!

Pamela Gibson | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads

Cultural archaeologist Lindsay Reynoso is in a small seaside town in California to evaluate an old mansion. When the home's owner shows up to “help” the evaluation along, Lindsay is furious. Especially as the owner is former bad-boy tennis star Christopher Brandt…her one-time fling and the father of Lindsay's son. Only he doesn't know it.

As far as Chris is concerned, the old mansion is tied to a past he's better off leaving behind. He'd rather bulldoze the thing and move on. If only his gorgeous consultant would let him. Even while fighting over the demolition, the chemistry that once brought them together is smoldering stronger than ever.

But honesty is very important to Chris, and Lindsay has an eight-year-old secret…

I received a copy of this book, from the publisher, in exchange for an honest review. In no way did this sway either my review or my rating! there anything better than a second chance at love? Well there is when you throw a surprise child into the mix. When I read that blurb I knew this book was brimming with bittersweet possibilities. While I didn't fall deeply in love with it, I did fall into a pretty deep liking.

As I basically said in the opening, I am such a big sucker for second chance romances. Digging into the history and discovering where things went wrong the first time around, compromising their differences, fighting the lingering attractions. There's just so many reasons why they fill my heart so full of emotions. 

It was easy to like and identify with Lindsay's character, especially since we had the single mom thing in common. I really admired her hard work and determination, the struggles she goes through in trying to figure out if, just because he's the father of her son, if Chris is someone who would be a positive influence in her child's life or not given his past. She was a very positive character, the type I'd like to see more of in books.

Chris has come a long way since his days as a bad boy, party all the time, tennis star. I really like the type of guy he's become. Full of heart and passion, even though it's twinged with a painful and difficult past. I almost thought I was going to be singing a different tune about him towards the end there when I saw his reaction to finding out about his son. But when I stepped back and put myself in his shoes, finding out not only that you have a child but missed 8 years of his life...well I think I'd end up lashing out myself. When it comes right down to it, Chris is a great guy/character.

I liked how well Chris and Lindsay's differences were played out and how the sides they were on with the dispute about the future of the property really encompassed their personalities. Chris is very bulldoze the past and build something fresh and new. Lindsay is very restoring and appreciating the history. It translates perfectly in all aspects of their lives and not just an old abandoned building.

This book had a whole lot of heart and positivity. The storyline was great and the characters even better. I laughed, I grinned like crazy, my heart cracked a little bit, and oh boy did I swoon! I'm really glad I picked this one up, it was a quick and fun read and I'm looking forward to see where else this series leads!

Thanks to Entangled Publishing for the opportunity to read and review this book!

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Weekly (Monthly) Haul #62

Stacking the shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga's Reviews. It's basically a way in which we get to show off the lovely new goodies we got over the past week/month however you decide to do it.

Hey! Look! It's me! I'm doing one of these things again! Ha...Yeah, I'm pretty sure the last haul post I did was back in May. Not that I haven't gotten anything, quite the opposite...I just haven't been feeling very bloggerific lately. But I'm feeling it today so I figure I better jump while it's still in me! Are we ready for some books?! Me too! Let's do this!!

 photo BlackmailedByTheHero_zpszu0p2nfg.jpg photo PlayingForHerHeart_zpsggdm5mqn.jpg photo RecipeForTemptation_zpsgyasycwp.jpg

Blackmailed by the Hero by Julie Particka

Playing for Her Heart (Gamers #2) by Megan Erickson

Recipe for Temptation (Madewood Brothers #4) by Gina Gordon

 photo BlackmailBoyfriend_zpsv7yxg9li.jpg photo TheColonelsDaughter_zpsiotida0i.jpg photo BeautyAndTheWerewolf_zpsfhrcluy7.jpg

Blackmail Boyfriend by Chris Cannon

The Colonel's Daughter (Men of the Zodiac #8) by Amy Andrews

Beauty and the Werewolf (San Francisco Wolf Pack #2) by Kristin Miller

 photo BabysGotBite_zpsd9u3hmmb.jpg photo OpposingTheCowboy_zpsipgzelyo.jpg photo HerStandInBoyfriend_zpscibahnxh.jpg photo ATouchOfChardonnay_zpsthhusiya.jpg

Baby's Got Bite (Take it Like a Vamp #2) by Candace Havens

Opposing the Cowboy (Hometown Heroes #2) by Margo Bond Collins

Her Stand-In Boyfriend by Kelley Jamieson (LOVED!!)

A Touch of Chardonnay (Love in Wine Country #2) by Pamela Gibson

A huge thanks to the lovely folks at Entangled Publishing for all of these!!

Scorched (Frigid #2) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

So a couple weeks back I think it was, B&N was having a buy 2 get 1 free on the DC comics (probably to celebrate ComicCon *shrugs*) and I've been wanting these for a while so I was all over that. (Wish I could've gotten a few more but oh well...)

I actually picked up and read a few pages of Gotham Academy and so far I am absolutely loving it. The illustrations are just gorgeous! I didn't want to put it down...until the huge stack of ARCs that are currently clogging up my Kindle were like "Uh...what are you doing? You need to get back here and deal with us before you end up drowning..." Man I hate it when they're right. 

What? Your books don't talk to you? Weird...

 photo SleepingWithTheBoss_zpsfygplcoz.jpg photo LastFirstKiss_zpswes1dkpc.jpg photo TigerLily_zps6f2uop0x.jpg

Sleeping with the Boss (Anderson Brothers #1) by Marissa Clarke

Last First Kiss (Brightwater #1) by Lia Riley

Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson

 photo Sloth_zpsauhomdyx.jpg photo TheVoyeurNextDoor_zpsxt7yt6e3.jpg

Sloth (Sinful Secrets #1) by Ella James

The Voyeur Next Door by Airicka Phoenix

That's my little haul from the last month or so. I'm sure there's probably more but I didn't feel like digging to find out what did or didn't get put on my last post. I'm pretty excited for...well pretty much everything!  What have you added to your shelves recently? :)

Have a great week lovelies!! ♥