Review Policy


Updated: Jan. 2016

Currently and for the foreseeable future I will not be accepting any new review requests. What I mean by new is, if I have read a book or books from you in the past, and let's face it if I enjoyed them, I will more than likely do so again for you if you would like to get in contact with me. Just send me a message with a timeline and I'll easier be able to give you a yes or no.

For those of you I've never dealt with before, I do appreciate you even considering having me read your book. And I do apologize but it's just going to be a flat out no. I allowed myself to be consumed with ARCs and deadlines all last year and it started to take the joy out of reading.

Thank you for understanding.

For those whom I've read from before feel free to shoot me an email at (tangledbookssheri(@)gmail(dot)com) or a message on Twitter or Goodreads (both of my links are on my main blog on the right hand side.)

Thanks all!