Tuesday, September 15, 2015

ARC REVIEW: Her Unexpected Detour (Checkerberry Inn #1) by Kyra Jacobs

Title: Her Unexpected Detour
Series: Checkerberry Inn #1
Author: Kyra Jacobs
Publisher: Entangled Bliss
Published: September 15th 2015
Format: eARC | Pages: 206
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Source: Publisher
★★★ (3/5) Stars

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Sometimes it's not the destination, but the detour...

Kayla has the perfect strategy for a broken heart: work, work, and more work. Then a storm sends her car skidding off the road, stranding her in Mount Pleasant. Fortunately, rescue comes in the form of the incredibly handsome but gruff Brent Masterson. And he's hot enough to tempt Kayla into doing something she never thought she could do... 

Brent Masterson swore he would never give into the fierce attraction that's been sizzling between him and Kayla since they first met. He has his own demons, and he won't risk his heart again. Not even for someone as gorgeous and amazing as Kayla. So...how exactly did he end up in Kayla's bed last night?

But sometimes all it takes is an ice storm to show two broken hearts the way home… 

I received a copy of this book, from the publisher, in exchange for an honest review. In no way did this sway either my review or my rating!

This book was so cute and so much fun to read. Well at least up to the ending. Why insta-love? Why? I'm starting to feel like a broken record in saying so. And if this weren't the 4th or 5th book within the last month alone where I encountered it, I probably wouldn't be feeling the frustration so deeply because I was completely adoring this book up to the end. But I'm at the point where I just need to say...enough is enough.

The thing is, I was instantly sucked in by the lovable characters, the quaint setting and the wonderful writing. This book had everything going for it. I just can't take something seriously like expecting me to believe and understand that two people can say "I love you" after a week. A week. Had that not happened I could've probably gone 4.5 stars, it was honestly that endearing and heartwarming. But enough about my huge frustration. Let's get into the good stuff.

The storyline sounded like it was going to be so much fun that I couldn't resist putting in the request for this book. And it definitely was. I'd love to get stranded somewhere like Mount Pleasant at the Checkerberry Inn. Especially with two distractions like the Masterson cousins!

I loved the entire cast of characters in this book. Brent, Kayla and both of their family members that we meet. They were all just so much fun. Most especially Brent's grandmother Ruby, who owns the Checkerberry Inn and always had matchmaking stars glinting in her eyes. She was so completely adorable I wanted her to be real!

I feel like Brent and Kayla, having both experienced great loss in their lives, were able to find something in each other they didn't even know they needed. And could understand and relate to one another on a level that others couldn't. Watching them develop their feelings was both frustrating and extremely sweet. I was rooting for them from the very start and so every time they would find a way to push the other one away or there was a miscommunication I could feel the frustration bubbling within me. Once they stop fighting though it makes everything worth it.

I'm not sure what else to say about this one. I'm just still so distracted by that ending. And I was falling so hard for this book before hand too. That's the only reason I kept my rating up to 3 stars. I feel like I'd definitely give a Kyra Jacobs book another chance in the future. Hopefully the "I love yous" will hold off for more than a week or two.

Thanks to Entangled Publishing for the opportunity to read and review this book.

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