Thursday, September 25, 2014

That's What HE Said Thursday #16

Every Thursday, the girls over at Chapter Break are hosting a fun new meme! To learn more about "That's What HE Said Thursday" click here.

My Quote:

"Because I'm freaked out that whatever I say might be the wrong thing. And right now, being with you is the only thing that feels solid and real...You're so full of color, so vibrant you never get lost in all the gray in my head. I don't want to lose that."

Rome Archer to Cora Lewis
Rome (Marked Men #3) by Jay Crownover

I still feel like my heart is going to burst reading that line. It's perfect. This is the line that I will forever be measuring future moments against and nothing will ever quite come close. 

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  1. That's a very sweet quote! I've thought about reading this one before, but passed on it because I didn't like the first one all that much!

    Have a great week.

    That's What He Said Thursday!
    Whitney@Shooting Stars Reviews

  2. Ooh what a great quote. Wow this series is getting a lot of attention.

  3. Isn't it? Yeah it's a really good series. Can't wait to read the last 3. Thanks for stopping by Julie! :)

  4. I've only read the first 3 so far and though I did like them all my liking order is actually Rome, Jet and then Rule. They're not going to be for everybody though!

    Thank you you have a great week too!! :) And thanks for stopping by Whitney!

  5. okay, so I have Rome sitting here right on my night table... I started it, then never finished it. Maybe I should give it another go....

  6. I've never heard of that book or author, but the quote is amazing!