Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday #19

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish!

I have been in such a slump lately. Just doing the bare minimum and posting the blog tour posts I'd committed myself too. I think I overwhelmed myself and just sort of got burned out. But I was inspired by this weeks topic and so I'm going to try to work myself back into the fun that I used to have blogging. (Plus I'm almost finished with Bared to You and I'm freaking out so I need to put it down for a bit and take my mind off it..ha!) Sooo...without any further ado...

This weeks topic is...

Top Ten Twelve Best Sequels Ever!
(There was more but these were the ones I just couldn't cut no matter how hard I tried...)

In no particular order:

Phoenix | Black City #2
by Elizabeth Richards

I am a dystopian nut, when the books are good that is and this series has been my all time favorite to date. I can't wait for book 3!

Point of Retreat | Slammed #2
by Colleen Hoover

Colleen Hoover really knows how to pull out a wealth of emotions from you and I always seem to underestimate her when it comes to mine. "Oh she got me good on the last book but this one will be different!" You fool! She'll. Always. Get. You. Smh

Losing Hope | Hopeless #2
by Colleen Hoover

Take everything from the above book and just rinse and repeat for this one! Seriously I thought it would be so much easier reading Holder's story. I mean I'd already been there before right? Wrong. It was harder. Okay I need to move on before I start crying haha

Opal | Lux #3
by Jennifer L. Armentrout

I worship every single thing this woman writes in any book she's written, that I've read this far, the Lux series is at the top of my list. Opal. Sigh. Opal... this book. If you've read it, you know. This was one of the toughest to get through. Especially since it was such a long time between finishing it and Origin's release. (Which I still haven't read yet.. Don't kill me. I will, I will!) Opal had such a heart wrenching ending but I still loved every minute of it.

Accused | Ganzfield #4
by Kate Kaynak

Kate's Ganzfield series is up there with JLA for me. Not everyone will be a fan of the first book just because there's some serious insta-love with Trevor and Maddie. Normally not my thing but I seriously fell in love with these two and all the other characters in this series. Love, love, love. Accused had me in stitches quite often and is my overall favorite at the moment!

Boundless | Unearthly #3
by Cynthia Hand

If I have a favorite list of any sort, this series will end up on it. I love all three of them pretty much equally, but the end of, well the end, was both bittersweet and heartwarming. It's hard when both guys in a "love triangle" are good guys in their own way. So I was heartbroken for one but overjoyed since the guy I fell for got the girl in the end. Aww I need a reread soon :(

The Human | Eden Trilogy #2
by Keary Taylor

Another fabulous dystopian series. I think The Human just had so much more intensity to it. Lots more action. I can't wait to get the last book gets in my hands!!

Forever | The Wolves of Mercy Falls #3
by Maggie Stiefvater

This was my first strictly werewolf series I read. Back when I read this series I wasn't blogging yet nor had I discovered Goodreads, so my new reading material went on friend recommendations quite a bit. My BFF said I had to read the Shiver books and since the Fallen series, also suggested by her, went over so well with me I went out and blindly bought all 3 books. Then...I read Shiver and wasn't a big fan. I was disappointed but I had the other 2 so I figured why let it go to waste and picked up book 2. I'm not sure what it was but somehow from book 1 to book 2 ...I was hooked. And Forever, #3, was even better!

Atone | A Fairytale Trilogy #2
by Jessica Grey

Ahh fairy tales. Princes and princesses. True love. Curses and magic. How can you not love any of that?! I loved Awake, but when I picked up Atone I almost didn't want to read it because the love interest...well I really didn't like him from the first book so why would I want to read a whole book about him? I am so glad I did. In the end I fell in love with the guy. I love it when an author can do that to me! Jessica Grey has become a top favorite author of mine with these two books. Read both!

Never Too Far | Too Far #2
by Abbi Glines

I had this book for a few months before I finally read it. Fallen Too Far had me so torn up and shredded my heart. This one was right up there and doing the same thing, but it had a much happier ending. I freaking love Abbi Glines!

Immortals | Runes #2
by Ednah Walters

Immortals was about a billion times better than Runes. It got so much more in depth with the mythology of the book and had quite a few surprises that had me so excited. Plus more Torin. Best reason to read it right there!

Taming Cross | Love Inc #2
by Ella James

I've always enjoyed Ella James's writing. Though I wasn't totally crazy about Selling Scarlett, I also didn't hate it and I really wanted to know more about one of it's side characters, Cross. Lucky for me...the second book was all about him. I loved Cross's story.


  1. Kristen@My Friends Are FictionSeptember 24, 2013 at 1:39 PM

    Opal and Boundless are great ones! And I forgot them on my list!

    My Friends Are Fiction's Top Ten Tuesday

  2. Great list!! Well, I haven't read any of the series here, but I really should do it soon!!

    Black City sounds awesome and so does Slammed.


  3. Point of Retreat made my list too! Love love love love love this series! Great list!

    Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

  4. YAY! I've missed you friend! Definitely agree with Opal, Point of Retreat, and Losing Hope! I have Boundless, but still haven't gotten to it! SIGH.

  5. I've missed youuuu! Okay, firstly, ORIGIN ORIGIN ORIGIN. =D Seriously, Origin blew me away, I loved it and you need to read it! Daemon is calling you! So many of these I haven't read and really want to! I need more time! Oh and Taming Cross -- that's the cover I love! Teehee.

  6. Yeah I've seen quite a few that I forgot to add...and I already had 12 to begin with! lol

  7. I love both of those series. Such great reads in different ways! :)

  8. Me too! Had me all emotional but I could still read it again and again. :)

  9. Thank you :D! The whole Unearthly series was just awesome IMO so I had a hard time picking but it had to be added to the list!

  10. I always have that problem. I either come up with way more than 10 or not even close to 10 haha! Linger and Forever were definitely a toss up for me, I liked them both pretty equally so I just went with Forever. I hope you enjoy the end of the Unearthly series when/if you get to it! :D

  11. I just knew if anybody was going to give me crap about Origin it would be YOU haha! I will read it I swear. I just want to be able to take the time to read through all 4 books when I do. Which could of been now I suppose but Gideon Cross was calling to me!! Sorry Daemon :( And I know right?! That Taming Cross cover is so yummy! :D

  12. I'm confused. Read through all 4?

  13. Yeah I want to be just spend like a week and start with Obsidian and work my way all the way to Origin. I've been wanting to read them again and this gives me the perfect excuse :D

  14. Such a great list! I love Abbi Glines. I get to meet her in October in Austin and Katy, TX yay! keep reading the series it gets better as it goes along in my opinion. And perhaps I should read Forever. I liked Shiver and got bored for Linger... Loved Losing Hope and Slammed. And The Eden Trilogy I had never heard of, but sounds good! I am glad I took a look at your list... such good titles.