Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday #51

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke andthe Bookish!

This week's topic is...

Top Ten Favorite Heroines From Books

Normally when I think of the word heroine I imagine someone like Katniss from The Hunger Games, who I didn't pick by the way, someone who's fierce and fights for something. So I picture fantasy book females. Now not all of the female characters I picked for this week's topic are fighting a battle or going on an epic journey or what have you, but they're still tough and hard to bring down in their own right.

Anytime you mention heroines, especially ass kicking ones, Rose is the very first character who comes to mind. No offense to the chick they have playing her in the film, which was terribad by the way, but they did a horrible job of casting Rose. Just so bad.

Nynaeve al'Meara - The Wheel of Time Series

This series, at 14 very long books, has such a vast cast of characters. Both male and female. And as you can see by my next three picks a lot of those female characters are, in my opinion, full of awesome. Nynaeve is my absolute favorite. She's strong and fierce and stubborn as all hell. And in so many ways reminds me a lot of myself. I've only gotten a bit over halfway through this series at this point in time so if anything happens to these three females I'm gonna be devastated! 

Zarine "Faile" Bashere - The Wheel of Time Series

Faile doesn't make her appearance until quite a few books into this series but once she did I couldn't get enough of her. She knows what she wants and she's the type of girl who will stop at nothing to make it happen. I love how different her and Perrin are from each other and yet you couldn't find two people more perfect for each other. And even in the face of danger, no matter how hard he tries to make her do otherwise, she feels like her place is right by his side. Even faced with battle. He tries to send her away to keep her safe but she is fierce, oh so fierce and she ends up at his side no matter what.

Until Faile made her first appearance in these books I'd have to say Min gave Nynaeve a pretty good run for her money as far as favorite female characters would go. I can't even really pinpoint the thing it is about her. She's just a lot of fun to read whenever she's on the pages.

Honestly I could have probably done this entire post of ten ass kicking female characters from The Wheel of Time because truly there are quite a few; Aviendha, Egwene, Elayne, Moiraine, Morgase, Suian who all in their own way have some sort of inspiring quality about them but I left it at my favorite three instead.

Vin - Mistborn

 photo Mistborn_zpsbbf5da8b.jpg

Vin goes from being this, in a sense, timid and untrusting, yet still tough young woman, to someone who slowly learns to put her trust and faith in others and becomes this amazing and fun character. I can't wait to really move forward in this series and see what happens to her next!

Hermione Granger - Harry Potter

How can you have a post about favorite bookish heroines and not include Hermione? Not only is she bookish herself and beyond brilliant but she's full of fire, determination, loyalty and tough as hell. I'd love to be a little more like her.

Alice was one of those other names that came to mind right away. She gets a lot of things thrown at her in this very first book in the series and if someone like myself had gone through even half of the things she does I probably would have either offed myself or been sobbing in the corner saying something over and over about how I didn't want to go on. Though you probably wouldn't be able to understand me through all the sniffling and tears.

Katy Swartz - The Lux Series

Katy!! Aww she is probably going to always be one of my most favorite female characters. Ever. She kicks so much ass! Everyone tried to bring this girl down and look who was still standing at the very end. Freaking Katy! Plus she has Daemon so obviously she's amazing! 

Holy geeze this series and Mara really mess with your head! She's so resilient though. Even when nobody else had faith in her or believed in the things she was absolutely sure of, she stuck to what she knew was true and pulled out of some seriously messed up situations.

Cara Sweeney - Alienated

When everyone else around Cara were being complete douche canoes, people she loved and cared about and had known nearly all her life, she still stood up for what was right and her belief in Aelyx and his goodness. No matter what or who it would cost her. Lots of respect for her.

That's my list of favorite bookish heroines! Do you agree or disagree with any of my picks? (Be nice if you disagree haha!) Who made your list this week? :)


  1. Rose was my number 1 as well :) I also had Hermione on my list!! I haven't read any of the other books though I do own quite a few of them, I just never seem to have enough time to read all the books I want to!!

    My TTT

    Amber @ Paradise of Pages

  2. Look at you Wheel of Timer! LOL. I don't know if I'll ever get to them, but I'm glad you enjoyed! I almost put Rose and I totally forgot about Katy, haha. I did put Alice though! Woo!

  3. ROSE! my fave. love her. and katy! wheel of time books intimidate me because of the series length! not really sure if they're my thing? and hermione!! Love. Her. Esp now as i'm rereading the series. I've yet to meet these other heroines though!