Friday, January 1, 2016

What's on my TBR #01 January 2016


Happy 2016 Everybody!!

So since I've dubbed this year to be the year of the TBR (although let's face it, I will probably sneak in quite a few books that haven't been collecting dust on my shelves) I'm going to be setting goals for myself every month in which there will be several books that I would really like to get read. Let's get to the first one shall we?

January 2016 TBR

CityOfBones-M photo CityOfBonesM_zpsj26vngvh.pngCity of Ashes-M photo CityofAshes-M_zpsc154c2f2.jpgCity of Glass-M photo CityofGlass-M_zps1fe6a402.jpg

CityOfFallenAngels-M photo CityOfFallenAngelsM_zpsqgr8gldh.pngCityOfLostSouls-M photo CityOfLostSoulsM_zps5m2vogqk.pngCityOfHeavenlyFire-M photo CityOfHeavenlyFireM_zpsqxmfetw4.png

HPGobletOfFire-M photo GobletOfFireM_zps526fc749.pngHPOrderOfThePhoenix-M photo OrderOfThePhoenixM_zps3e1d58a1.pngHPHalfBloodPrince-M photo HalfBloodPrinceM_zps4d93ca5f.png

HPDeathlyHallows-M photo DeathlyHallowsM_zps2f69b22b.pngDontLookBack-M photo DontLookBackM_zpszv7wl9ho.png

I am doing the Series a Month challenge and the series I chose to start the new year off with is The Mortal Instruments. I loved the first one but it wasn't until last year that I finally picked up the rest from BookOutlet. So excited! Then around the middle of December I had started my reread of the Harry Potter books and I'm up to Goblet of Fire which has always been my all time favorite so I'm even more excited to get to those next. And I threw one extra book on there just in case I have enough time, though both HP and MI have a few large books in there so I might not even get all of these this month but my fingers are crossed!

Happy reading this month lovelies!

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