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REVIEW: Desired (Club Sin #3) by Stacey Kennedy

Title/Series: Desired | Club Sin #3
Author: Stacey Kennedy
Publisher: Loveswept
Published: July 22nd 2014
Format: eBook | Pages: 256
Genre: Adult, Erotica, BDSM, Romance
Source: Amazon
★★★★★ (5/5) Stars!!!

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Readers of Fifty Shades of Grey are sure to love Desired, USA Today bestselling author Stacey Kennedy’s latest seductive, electrifying novel of Club Sin, where fantasy becomes reality.

Kyler Morgan, Master at the legendary Club Sin in Las Vegas, knows how to give women what they want—too well. He hasn’t had a real challenge in a long time. Then Ella Snow enters his life. Beautiful, inhibited, and innocent in the ways of submission and domination, Ella is the new blood he’s been lusting after. Soon, the thrill of training her to embrace his world brings forth desires Kyler cannot control.

After ending an abusive relationship, Ella makes a promise to herself to start living life to the fullest. It’s one of the reasons she seeks out Club Sin. Here, Kyler’s every touch is a lesson in liberation, stirring passions that have no bounds. But as she falls under Kyler’s command, Ella discovers that some secrets are so dark they must come to light. Submission alone may not be enough to save her, leaving her Master with only one question: How can he help Ella heal while unlocking the deep pleasures she craves?

Desired is an erotic romance intended for mature audiences.

Includes a special message from the editor, as well as excerpts from other Loveswept titles.

I'm going to start this off, hopefully, a bit more seriously at first because I can't guarantee that the rest of this review will be filled with nothing else but "Kyler, Kyler, Kyler, drool, Kyler, drool, K--" you get my point. I love romance and swooning and all the things that make your heart just about explode with feels. I am your average, stereotypical vanilla person. So much so that when all the hype surrounding Fifty Shades of Grey first started running wild I was shocked. How on earth could anyone want to read anything like that? [Insert all the other judgmental comments that probably ran through my head here.] I was a bookish prude for quite a while sadly. I had no interest in reading it. I actually still do not. Yet with each impending release of the newest Club Sin books I find myself dying, bouncing around impatiently as I count down the days to publication so I can get my grubby little hands on them. I am...I want to say hooked but that doesn't even begin to describe it. Viewing this world through the imagination of Stacey Kennedy is easy, sexy and fun. When it comes to the world of reading BDSM I don't think I'd feel as comfortable reading anything by any other author. Hard limit set.

He glanced around him and then leaned in to Kyler. "You do realize that woman you're eating up with your eyes is vanilla."

I have been waiting for this book for over a year. That's not a joke. That's when I read Claimed, book 1 in the Club Sin series, and got my first glimpse of Master Kyler... and, of course, fell in love with these books. But to say I was a bit worried for this one would be putting it mildly. I was never worried that the story wouldn't live up to my expectations, I was worried about how I'd feel towards the woman who would turn Kyler's world upside down. When reading the summary and realizing that Ella is coming out of an abusive relationship I seriously had my doubts as to how on earth a relationship between these two could ever be possible and/or healthy. Thankfully though I was proven wrong and somehow... it all worked. Ella felt like she was tailor made for Kyler. I was so happy with her character. Yes, she comes with a lot of baggage but she is a strong, kick ass woman who doesn't allow her past to dictate the rest of her life or use it as an excuse to remain a victim. Yet she has just enough vulnerability to bring out the protective side within Kyler. I loved watching these two blossom and grow. Together.

Perhaps a little vanilla would spice up his life.

Master. Kyler. Morgan. By this point do you even need me to tell you how I feel about him? This guy rocks my imagination like no other. It's the guy beneath the police uniform (yeah...he's a cop yum!) and underneath the dungeon master that really draws out this fascination I have with him. In the previous books we got to see the very playful side in him. How he's both mischievous and yet, maybe it's the cop and inner Dom in him, but I was always struck by how easily he seemed to be able to read people. In this book though we get to see so much deeper into Kyler. He's fiercely protective, caring and loving. All too often these days the best of our book boyfriends are usually guys who aren't looking for relationships and a lot of the time are running from it. Kyler is quite different. He's surrounded by family and examples of what love is supposed to look like and he wants that more than anything...except with a side of kink.

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As usual, there was no disappointment in this book. The steaminess, the intensity,  the passion oozes off the pages. Each glimpse into the world of Club Sin just keeps getting better and better. The storylines are intriguing and have no problem keeping me sucked in. And they don't let go until I've read the last word on the very last page. With the added bonus being the depth of the characters Stacey Kennedy writes. You end up loving all of them. I'm almost...almost as excited for the Porter and Kenzie's stories as I was for this one. Kenzie is going to be an absolute riot I can already tell. She makes me giggle every time I've seen her at this point.

Well I think I've probably blabbered enough and I feel like if I keep going I'll keep veering off course and straight into the wonderful world of Kyler. I loved this book and this series so much and I can't get enough of Club Sin! Now to find something to occupy my time until the next release in November...

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