Saturday, October 3, 2015

Monthly Recap #8 September 2015

September 2015

I had so much more reading and free time in September. With such a tiny load of ARCs that, in all reality, I should have and could have read so many more ME books last month. And yet I read less books in September than I did in August when I had to start cramming them and reading super fast in order to get everything read on time. Crazy.

I had planned to, and had way more than enough time, read the Percy Jackson books for my series read in September. And yet all I did was read The Lightning Thief and put the tiniest dent in The Sea of Monsters. Like so small of a dent it's not even worth mentioning that I started it already. And it's not because I'm not into them. I'm actually very much into them. 

I feel like I've been putting so much pressure on myself lately to read and review books that last month was just me sticking it to myself. Like "Haha I'm not going to let you enjoy ANYTHING"

Well played self.

I did manage to get a few books in. Some of them were like a nice little bundle of perfection, the other half...well...let's just say I wish brain bleach was a thing so I could wipe them from my memory.

What I read in September:

What I reviewed:

Finding Perfect by Kendra C. Highley
The Finn Factor by Rachel Bailey

Favorite Read of September:

This really was a tough decision. There were like 4 or 5 books that I would have easily slid into this spot for this month. It is so hard for me to find really good Young Adult Contemporaries. Fantasy, Dystopia, Paranormal. Yeah sure whatever those are a dime a dozen. But to find a good contemporary is so hard to do and I had two this month that blew me  away. This was one of them!

Least favorite read of September:

Oh man I had two books that were almost equally as bad as each other right in a row. Maybe it was the universe's way of telling me that my decision to cut ARCs from my life was the right one. Because I swear if I hadn't already come to that conclusion on my own reading this one and Falling for the Wrong Guy would have sent me to that decision. Just, no.

Weekly Memes:

Weekly Haul
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Such a fun tag!

So really, that's basically it for my September. Such a boring month that was. I'm really hoping October picks up for me and I pull out of this funk. But as it is we're already on the 3rd day and the only thing I've read so far is the last 15% of a book I started nearly a week ago. So not a good sign.


Well I hope all of your Octobers are full of spooky fun and lots of good books! :)

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