Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday #23

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish!

This weeks topic is...

Top Ten Blogging Confessions

1. My current NetGalley ratio is horrible. Hoooorrible! 73 Approved, 38 Feedback. And all of those approvals are from back in 2013. Okay, saying this "out loud", makes me feel REALLY guilty. I honestly cringed when I typed that. So, I think it's about time I put a dent in that pile. I will! Promise *crosses heart*

2. I'm really bad at letting the reviews pile up and then spend like 1 or 2 days binge blogging. I'll seriously do like a couple weeks worth of posts in just a couple days.

3. This, sort of, ties in with #2. Sometimes I can't help this feeling like blogging is a major chore. I'll think of all the things that I should be doing or reading or whatnot and just give one of those full body sighs and internally groan. So why do I do it you're probably wondering? Because it's not that it's a chore, it's that I'm such a huge frickin procrastinator. I'm not joking. Once I actually start doing it after putting it off and putting it off, I feel that spark and think, "Oh yeah. That's why I do this."

4. I like such a wide variety of genres but since I started blogging I really pushed quite a few aside and stopped reading them all together. I guess I just felt like I'd be wasting valuable reading time on the epic fantasy and historical romances since they're not what I blog about. So what's the point when it's taking the time I could put towards review books? Now, I'm not letting that bother me. If I want to read something I feel passionate about, blog be damned. I need to be happy.

5. I am the worst commenter. Ever. I don't know why it is, but when it comes to commenting back or on blogs I visit I just go completely brain dead.  Especially if the only intelligent thing I can think of to say, 5 other people have said something similar before me. So I just leave it. So I do visit so many of you. I just haven't gotten my commenting mojo back. 

6. I feel like I was overly nice when I first started blogging. I was still in that nervous, awkward phase were I was afraid of what people would think of what I had to say. If I didn't like something I was beyond diplomatically nice about it. These days though, if there's something I don't like about a book, a character, what have you, I tell it like it is. I still try to be nice about it. I'm not a total jerk. But I feel like my opinion matters. Even if it only helps one person, *shrugs* then I'm happy and I'm not gonna lose sleep if someone dislikes my review.

7. I probably have about 500 books on my Kindle, and will never get to the majority of them. But I have a really hard time resisting that 1 click button no matter how many books I have. MUST. KEEP. BUYING!

8. Out of those 35 or so books I still need to leave feedback for on NetGalley, 7 or 8 of them I've already read and need to now reread or at least skim because I can't remember a thing about them. I can't find any notes. But I know I've read them because I have a "Needs Review" collection on my Kindle and it's pretty full...What a waste. 

9. I am such a book hoarder. In way more cases than I care to admit, I have both a physical copy and a Kindle copy of a book. Don't judge me!! The majority of them is because they're faves and after reading them on the Kindle I had to have something I could hold in my hands or look at that wasn't electronic. Okay, I know, it's a sickness. I'm just not ready to seek help yet. *Goes to sniff books* o.O

10. I'm sort of stuck. Coming up with 10 things was way harder than I thought it was going to be. So I'm reaching here but I guess it'll work. It baffles me, truly and utterly baffles me, when people tell me that they can't reread (or rewatch even for that matter) something. I just don't get it. I mean, if I love something I want to surround myself in those feelings again and again. Okay, I do understand and get that for some people, the element of surprise and what's going to happen next is gone so what's the point? Sure it's never going to be exactly like it was the first time through but I still enjoy something the 2nd, 3rd, even the 10th time around if I truly loved it yanno? I feel like it's saying, "Yeah, I've already had cake [or insert something else delicious here] before so I really don't need to eat it again." OR even better, "Yeah, I've already had sex once before. It was great. But I'm good. I'm done" I just don't get it!


So there you have it. I'm surprised I made it through! So what are some of your blogger confessions? I swear I go read all your posts so link your TTT for me so I can! If I don't comment (ahem #5) it's not that I have no love for you, I'm just a bad commenter :( lol 

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  1. Oh, I'm a huge book hoarder too. Physical books in bookcases all over my house? CHECK! An insane number of unread books on my Kindle app? CHECK! I still buy new ones when they're on sale? DOUBLE CHECK. *sigh*

    Nice list!

  2. Whoa, it's like you're my mirror! Lol. I basically have the same problems as you. I'm a horrible blog commenter and I can't quite control my book hoarding. My NetGalley ratio is around 43 % :( and I have so many books I've already read, but desperately need to review. I should start writing my thoughts immediately after I'm done with them. Oh well, we're going to get better at this sooner or later (I hope!). :D