Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday #24

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish!

This weeks topic is...

Top Ten Favorite Movies or TV Shows!
(Or as I like to call it, "The One With All The Lists")

Even though it's going to be way, way harder I've decided to go with TV Shows for this one. Although if you want to know what my current favorite movie is, it's called The Way Way Back, I think what I like most about it is that it stars Steve Carell and we're so used to seeing him be this complete goofball, comedy actor and in this one he plays such a serious role. He's a complete douche bag tool and he is SO GOOD AT IT! Plus it's a great coming of age sort of storyline. Love it. If you have Cinemax and want to give it a chance it's currently on this month. At least it was on and I watched it, again, the other day.

Anyway. Trying to come up with a list of 10 shows for the last week has made me realize...I watch way too much TV. But not just that I've been trying to figure out how to make my list. By that I mean, Do I...

Only use current shows?
Use both current and stuff I loved in the past?
Pick a genre and go with it?
Talk about stuff that ended too soon?

What do I do?

So you know what? Screw you guys! (Okay, not really!!) I'm making a page FULL of lists! Muahaha..ha..h...a.. Err, anyway here you have it:

Top Ten Favorite TV Shows That Have Ended Already:

1. Smallville 
2. Charmed
3. Friends
4. Warehouse 13
5. Eureka
6. Chuck
7. Being Human
8. Merlin
9. Breaking Bad
10. How I Met Your Mother

I'd like to note that in the cases of Warehouse 13 and Eureka, the series finales are STILL on my DVR unwatched because once I do watch them then I'd have to finally admit that they really are over :/ I mentally said the words "hashtag" and "pathetic" after I typed that. Ha!
Honorable mentions:
Buffy, Angel, Lost

Top Ten Favorite TV Shows Cancelled Too Soon

1. Firefly
2. Dollhouse
3. Star-Crossed
4. The Tomorrow People
5. Suburgatory
6. Revolution
7. Raising Hope
8. Almost Human
9. Friends with Better Lives
10. Mixology

Top Ten Favorite Sci Fi/Supernatural/Paranormal/Etc TV Shows:
(Currently still on TV)

1. Doctor Who
2. Supernatural
3. Under the Dome
4. Orphan Black
5. Arrow
6. Teen Wolf
7. Haven
8. Vampire Diaries
9. Beauty and the Beast
10. The Originals

Honorable Mentions: 
Witches of East End, Defiance, True Blood, The Walking Dead, Falling Skies, Lost Girl, Bitten
I watch a LOT of both SyFy and CW shows haha

Top Ten Favorite Comedy/Drama/Suspense TV Shows:
(Currently still on TV or Netflix Originals)

1. Hart of Dixie
2. Sherlock
3. Pretty Little Liars
4. Downton Abbey
5. Grey's Anatomy
6. Castle
7. The Big Bang Theory
8. New Girl
9. Orange is the New Black
10. 2 Broke Girls

Honorable mentions: 
The Middle, The Goldbergs, Chicago Fire, Reign, Bones, Mistresses

Top Ten Eight Favorite Reality/Prank/Game Show-ish TV Shows:

1. Big Brother
2. MasterChef
3. Hell's Kitchen
4. Impractical Jokers
5. Deal With It
6. Duck Dynasty
7. Whose Line Is It Anyway
8. Hollywood Game Night

I swear that was the last list! By no means am I current on every single one of these. Especially when the teenager is actually home I have no control over the TV so some stuff is just sitting in the DVR waiting for me. I still feel as if I've left stuff out believe it or not. I can't help it!! I love my shows. Luckily they're not all on at the same time. But when they are thank goodness for Hulu Plus and OnDemand! :) Sorry I made this a long one this week, but, well it's me what else do you expect.  I'll be brief next time I prom I'll try to do better next week xoxo

If I had to pick one top favorite TV show like I did with my movies. Out of everything. It would without a doubt be Smallville. Seriously I even splurged and bought this: My present to ME! 
Don't judge me!! (I keep saying that..maybe I do need help...)

What made it to your list this week? Hopefully for your sake(s) you were all a lot more decisive than me lol :P

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