Sunday, December 21, 2014

Weekly Haul #40

Stacking the shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga's Reviews. It's basically a way in which we get to show off the lovely new goodies we got over the past week/month however you decide to do it.

This one is going to be more like a post from the past month. Somebody got her box from Book Outlet this past week...Black Friday was a bad, bad day for my self imposed book buying ban, but thankfully I was given an early birthday present in the form of a gift card. Honestly a couple of these I have no idea they were just cheap and sounded okay. I have no self control people! On with the show!

For Review/Blog Tour:

Got this one from InkSlinger PR for a blog tour which already happened. I loved it of course because I'm obsessed with this series!! Even though it's literally just right there *points to the side of my blog* I'm feeling too lazy to link my review but if you'd like to check it out it's right there towards the top! :)

Paper or Plastic by Vivi Barnes
Entangled Publishing. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Let's just say every other dollar you make off of a book is probably from me. You're welcome ;) Anyway, thanks go obviously to Entangled for this review ARC!


LoveInSpanish-M photo LoveInSpanishM_zps6440cbe6.png

Rusty Nailed (Cocktail #2) by Alice Clayton

2 or 3 weeks back I was talking books with the most lovely Jessica from Lovin' los libros and these two series came up and I said that after Christmas I was going to buy them since I was forcing myself on a buying ban until at least then. Well sneaky lady went and sent them to me as an early Christmas present. I heart you very much girl and again thank you...thank you...THANK YOU!!! :) Siiiigh more Mateo....


Sigh. The Christmas tree is blocking the spot where I normally snap pics of my new lovelies so I had to settle with the desk. Ignore the penguin. He's not new he just wanted to be part of it. (I'm so weird...)

Wicked (A Wicked Saga #1) by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Obviously not part of my Book Outlet haul :P If it's JLA I auto-buy it!

Book Outlet:
It's shameful that I do not own these. Just shameful. *Avoids looking everyone in the eye*

Lirael (Abhorsen #2) by Garth Nix
Already have the first book and it's sort of one of those things where you just know you're going to like it so why not start getting the rest??

Defiance  (Defiance #1) by C.J. Redwine

I've mentioned wanting to read book 2 before and they can be read separately but quite a few people have told me that this first one is really good too and I should give it a read. Bumping it up towards the top of my TBR rotation for sure!

So I've started this one a little bit and I'm still kind of iffy about it. I didn't really pay attention to the fact that the characters are fourteen. Frankly fourteen year olds can be annoying haha. I'm sorry but it's true! It may have been over 20 years ago when I was fourteen myself but I still remember how annoying I was about boys and obsessions over first kisses and such. And this is kinda how Charlie and her friends are with the we-kissed-so-obviously-we're-in-love thing. I mean it's not terrible. It's actually cracked me up quite a bit! I guess I just prefer my YA to be more 16, 17, 18. Right, Sheri, as if it makes that much of a difference. Basically I'm still on the fence but it's cute enough to keep me going!

Beastly (Beastly #1) by Alex Flinn
Cloaked by Alex Flinn
Towering by Alex Flinn
Before anybody says anything at all...yes. I do realize that the bulk of these books are hugely unpopular and not very well liked. However, it's not like I spent tons of money on them, two of them were scratch and dent even, and if I didn't at least try them...I would always wonder. I freaking love, love, love fairytale retellings. There have been plenty of times where I hated something everyone else loved and loved something everyone else hated. It just has to be done. Y'all can tell me you told me so later and kick me when I'm down if it turns out I don't like them either haha.

The Almost Truth by Eileen Cook


ThePracticeProposal-M photo ThePracticeProposalM_zps63dc5134.pngAnOfficerAndARebel-M photo AnOfficerAndARebelM_zps702c6889.pngHerSummerWithTheMarine-M photo HerSummerWithTheMarineM_zps032fc968.png

I love, love, love Cindi Madsen's writing and I'm excited to dive into this series!

I got a review copy of book two last month at one point I think and I really liked it. So I'm going a bit out of order but I'm looking forward to this first book! 

LuckAndTheDragon-M photo LuckOfTheDragonM_zps7e2316ef.pngReformingTheCowboy-M photo ReformingTheCowboyM_zps65909c02.png

SomethingWicked-M photo SomethingWildM_zps71c672bb.pngTheBillionaireWinsTheGame-M photo TheBillionaireWinsTheGameM_zps1f24f914.png

I read an excerpt from this novella the other day and now I'm dying to go on and know what happens!

Melody Anne was a part of an anthology I recently read and since I hadn't ever read anything by her before, and I liked her novella from the anthology well enough, I figured I'd give a full length novel a try. I'm generally weary when it comes to the whole billionaire-in-the-title thing but it was a freebie so really there's nothing to lose.

So there may be a lot here but like I said it's from the end of November up until now. I'm doing a pretty good job of being good! I mean a big chunk of that Book Outlet box was couponed! Hopefully I can keep it up *fingers crossed* Anyway, I've babbled enough through this post. So what books have you gotten recently? Leave me a link to your post :)


  1. Hehe, you're very welcome! :D I hope you enjoy them! I REALLY wanted to request Paper or Plastic, but didn't. Probably a good thing because I just made a list of my review books... and it's not pretty. I read Something Wild and Something Reckless yesterday.... and the ending pretty much killed me. I need the next book like whoa. But I think you'll enjoy them! :D

    And those Book Outlet books! I love the Dante series and Defiance! I was hoping to continue that series over break... yeah, right. HAHA.

  2. I am just about to start Paper or Plastic to get it out of the way so I'll let ya know what I think when I'm done! And trust me the whole thing with the list of review books was me last month. I've hardly read but maybe 2 books in the last couple weeks. Though I have 2 that are due the first week in Jan and one first week of Feb....and I signed up for like 4 or 5 more end of Jan LOL. Freaking old habits! NO! See I can type it really good when I want to wth is my problem?! :P

    THANK GOODNESS! I was worried about my impulse to snag Something Wild. Haven't read anything by Lexi Ryan before but I REALLY dug that excerpt. Sigh. But now I'm worried to finish the first full book haha I'm already (im)patiently waiting on other books. Sigh.

    I LOVE ME SOME DANTE and I can't wait to finally get those two read and yay I thought Defiance was one of those ones where everyone was really liking them. *Wipes brow with relief* I hope your stack of review books goes by quickly and the books are all enjoyable so that you can squeeze in SOME you time during break!!

    (I feel like I should write The End here or something. I can't seem to shut up on this post o.O)