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ARC REVIEW: Consumed by You (Fighting Fire #3) by Lauren Blakely

Title: Consumed by You
Series: Fighting Fire #3
Author: Lauren Blakely
Publisher: Entangled Brazen
Published: August 11th 2015
Format: eARC | Pages: 201
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Erotica, Romance
Source: Publisher
★★★ (3/5) Stars!

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A sexy category romance from Entangled's Brazen imprint... 

She's playing with fire...

Dog trainer Cara Bailey wants to find "the one," but fantasizing about her sexy-as-hell client, firefighter Travis Jansen, is getting in the way. Her only option? Get the confirmed bachelor out of her system-in every position possible-so she can settle down with Mr. Right. Starting right now.

Travis doesn't do relationships, so no matter how badly he wants the pretty little brunette, he keeps his distance. Until Cara goes and changes the game. She'll fulfill all of his fantasies if he agrees to walk away when it's over. But when the wildfire between them blazes out of control, it will consume everything-and everyone-in its path...

I received a copy of this book, from the publisher, in exchange for an honest review. In no way did this sway either my review or my rating!

When presented with the opportunity to read and review Lauren Blakely's latest installment of her sexy firefighter series, Fighting Fire, I believe my exact words were " had me at firefighter..." What can I say. A girl wants what she wants, and this girl wanted some sexy fireman action. And that's exactly what I got in Travis.

You dangle a second chance romance in front of me and I am going to grab for it every single time. With Travis and Cara, I love how we have this sweet and steamy history between the two of them that goes all the way back to when they were teenagers. There was never anything negative that pulled them apart. Whenever they're near each other they are drawn to one another like magnets but when life sends them in separate directions they would just drift apart still with fond feelings. It brought a different kind of sweetness to they're relationship. There was no fighting off past mistakes it was just hot and heavy whenever the other was near.

While, for the most part, I liked Cara's character...she was also that type of female that drives me completely crazy. The kind that see signs that aren't there, the kind who, for example, would hear a guy say something to them like "oh wow your haircut looks great" and their brain filters it into something more like "let's buy a house and fill it with babies!" Every soft caress or sweet word from Travis she would turn into a sign that he wanted what she did, that he was ready. All I could think was oh honey you are setting yourself up for some major heartbreak. 

I think if I were going to take issue with anything in this book though it would be the fact that I could probably count on half of a hand the number of times that Cara and Travis were together in a scene that did not lead to groping and touching and making out or some form of sexual situation. I know what you're probably thinking "Sheri, what were you expecting when you picked up an Entangled Brazen?" Okay I realize that smarty pants but I guess I just wanted a tiny bit more of the other stuff. Maybe more problems between the two of them or some of their funny cute stuff that involved the clothes staying on.

Don't get me wrong I had a lot of fun reading Consumed by You and I will definitely be going back and reading the first two books in this series. When the antics of Travis and Cara didn't have me in full on swoon mode they had me laughing and grinning, as did their furry, four-legged companions. Absolutely worth the read.

Thanks to Entangled Publishing for the opportunity to read and review this book!

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