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ARC REVIEW: Undercover with the Earl by Robyn DeHart

Title: Undercover with the Earl
Author: Robyn DeHart
Publisher: Entangled Scandalous
Published: August 11th 2015
Format: eARC | Pages: 165
Genres: Adult, Historical Romance
Source: Publisher
★★★★ (4/5) Stars!

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To capture the most eligible bachelor in London...

London, 1838

The handsome Earl of Somersby may just be the most eligible bachelor in London, but has no interest in a wife. As a member of the Brotherhood, Bennett Haile is far more vested in his undercover duties for the crown and protecting the Queen from would-be assassins. For now he has the perfect tool with which to lure out the villains-a young woman with an uncanny likeness to the queen.

The spirited Evelyn Marrington is about to live out every country girl's dream-becoming royalty overnight. Under the tutelage of the arrogant Earl of Somersby, she'll have to fool the entire court that she is, in fact, the queen. But as danger threatens from every side, Bennett realizes that his lovely little protegé isn't just placing her life in his hands... She's stealing his heart.

I received a copy of this book, from the publisher, in exchange for an honest review. In no way did this sway either my review or my rating!

Sigh. Is there anything better than historical swoons? There's just so much about it to get your pulse racing. The propriety, the scandals, the fact that something that we simply think of as "just a kiss" these days was something that a proper unmarried lady just did not do! It makes those stolen moments between two characters who have been doing their damnedest to fight the attractions they have to one another a taboo-like thrill. I love it! I love it all!

In a time where women are considered delicate and weak and far more inferior than our manly counterparts, when their only job is to make an excellent match, regardless of age, attraction or feelings, in order to produce heirs and that's pretty much it. Nothing pleases me more than to have a main female character who is both very intelligent and has an independent streak. A woman who wants to be her own person without having to have a man to complete her life. Evelyn was exactly that kind of character. I absolutely adored her. She had dreams beyond being someone's wife and property. She wanted to write adventure novels, and maybe even have them, but mostly to write. Plus she was feisty and fearless and not in the least intimidated by Bennett. 

Speaking of handsome and hulking Earls...Bennett was just delicious! I loved how he wasn't just the average, run -of-the-mill aristocrat. He wasn't a guy who was going to be content with the idleness that titles and money usually afforded his counterparts among the peerage. He likes living a life of adventure of sorts and action, even a bit of danger. He protects the crown and that's all he ever wanted to do. I think his biggest fault is he doesn't have the slightest clue on how to communicate with a woman. I laugh as I type that because it seemed like, especially in the beginning, every time he attempted to tell Evie what they needed from her it would always come out wrong and they'd end up in an argument because without meaning to he'd end up insulting her somehow. It was quite comedic and fun.

I love those kinds of relationships though. The kind where verbal sparring is basically a form of foreplay and stokes the fires of sexual tension that's building between two characters. I think her fire and spirit are what really endears her to him. He's not used to anyone standing up to him let alone a woman half his size who doesn't back down for an instant. When those sparks of anger turn into sparks of desire...boom!

I was so pleased that there actually were moments of danger in this book. Not that I wanted Evie in danger of course, more that it added something dark and suspenseful to the story. I liked seeing the protective side come out of Bennett.

I have a hard time opening myself up to new Historical Romance authors which is something I'm trying very hard to break myself of. It's one of my favorite genres but I put myself in this box of just a few authors I will read from. After reading Undercover with the Earl, I feel safe in saying that my little list of approved HR authors has grown by one and I can't wait to see what else Robyn DeHart has to offer.

Thanks goes to Entangled Publishing for the opportunity to read and review this book!

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