Tuesday, December 8, 2015

2016 Reading Challenges I'm Going To Attempt!!

So I have kind of dropped the ball....a lot in 2015. Mostly because I overwhelmed myself with lots and lots and lots and...well you get the idea...ARCs. But I've curbed that habit, sure it took until the end of the year to do it, but I did and in order to breathe some fresh air into my reading life and get me excited and motivated again I wanted to join up with some reading challenges!

I'm really excited to get involved in these especially since the ones I found all involve trimming down that ever growing TBR and the piles of books that I already own!

Tentatively these are the three that I plan on doing (mostly because they were the only ones that I saw so far that caught my eye). So I may just add more to this list yet. These first three that I'm signing up for can easily be hodge podged together and will kill 2 (or 3 in this case) birds with 1 stone so that's also why I picked them!

Each challenge is going to have it's own dedicated page which I will link below and I'm also posting a very tentative list of all the books I will be using to complete these challenges on a monthly or whatnot basis on each of their pages. I say very tentative because, especially in the cases of the series I'm adding, I may not end up loving them as much as I once had/hoped to do.

*Also a quick note because I don't want to rewrite everything I just did, I forgot that almost a week back I had signed up for one other reading challenge that I'm adding in to bring the total to 4. But once again it also fits in perfectly with all of the other challenges. 

Also some books I read will overlap into more than one challenge so each list you'll experience quite a bit of déjà vu!

So what do I plan on doing in 2016?

Rock My TBR hosted by The YA Book Traveler

Sign up (here)

My challenge page (here)

Finishing the Series hosted by Bea's Book Nook

Sign up (here)

My challenge page (here)

I'm aiming high and going for Experienced Series Reader with 7 or more series!

Series a Month hosted by Love at First Page

Sign up (here)

My challenge page (here)

Contemporary Romance Reading Challenge hosted by Love at First Page and Gone with the Words

Sign up (here).

My challenge page (here)

I'm hoping to go over my goal of Home Run and actually hit Grand Slam before the year is up but we'll see.

Those are what I have for now. I may add more if I stumble across any other challenges down the road. And if you find any creative or extra challenging ones or have one you think I might be interested drop me a link! You never know and I'd love to see what else is out there at the very least. Good luck with your challenges and TBRs in the year to come and happy reading all!

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