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ARC REVIEW: Reforming the Rock Star (Head Over Heels #2) by Christine Bell

Title/Series: Reforming the Rock Star | Head Over Heels #2
Author: Christine Bell
Publisher: Entangled Indulgence
Published: September 29th 2014
Format: eBook | Pages: 220
Genre: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Source: Publisher
★★★★ (4/5) Stars!

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When Sydney Metcalf's bestie asks her to cater her wedding, Syd can't say no, even though the thought of going back to her hometown makes her break out in hives. She's off to a great start until best man and rock god Lazlo Stone calls with a request for her to cater the bachelor party too. Petit fours adorned with rose petals, she can handle. A cake shaped like boobs for the sexiest guy in the universe? She's not so sure. But this is the chance of a lifetime and she refuses to screw it up by being a prude...

When a sexy stripper dressed as a Plain Jane crashes the bachelor party, Laz is all about getting vertical and making some music with her. Too bad his stripper is really the caterer and the bride's best friend. After a kiss between them blazes out of control, he can't seem to stop thinking about sweet little Syd.

But everybody knows, life on the road and love don't mix...

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. In no way did this sway my review or my rating!

Christine Bell is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors to read. With two of her adult books and one of her YA books under my belt, I feel confident that if I buy a book with her name on it, it's going to suck me in, it's going to be fun, and I'm going to love it. It's been true three times now and I can't wait to buy and read more.

I instantly liked Sydney. In the kitchen she's confident and alive, strong and talented. Outside of the kitchen she's a bit awkward and a whole lot of no self worth. She doubts herself in all areas in life stemming from how her and her two best friends grew up, the type of childhood they had. She puts on a smile and tries fool everyone but really she only fools herself. She hides behind, what she views, as being plain, baggy clothes, no makeup, that sort of thing. Her transformation made me smile.

Laz was all sorts of sexy. When I think rock star I always expect the guy to be cocky, maybe a bit of a jerk and of course a huge male slut. Sure Laz is confident and sure of himself but he's also sweet and protective and caring. With everyone. He thinks about everyone's feelings before he acts including his friends and band mates. There wasn't an ounce of jerk in him and he really wasn't even a slut. It was just a case of due to a really bad past experience he felt like his career and lifestyle just didn't work with relationships. He hadn't and didn't think he ever would meet a woman that would make it worth the risk. I really, really liked this guy.

There was a slight bit of...well I guess I can't really say all out insta-love, but these two did fall fast. I feel like a week was just too quick. Granted they were hauled up at an estate for two weeks so during that week they were around each other a lot. There was time to get to know each other a bit but I felt like a lot of the alone time was spent hooking up, not all of it just a chunk. Don't get me wrong the romance between these two was seriously sweet and it had me giving happy little sighs more often than not, my only complaint would be how quick it got from 'this will just be a fun hookup' to 'I love you' you know?

This book was funny and sweet and very hot and steamy. I couldn't put it down once I cracked it open. I'm not sure how I feel about reading the other books in the series since each book in the trilogy is by a different author. I'm definitely intrigued by the other characters they're going to be about but I just don't know. Had they all been by Christine Bell I'd have been right on top of it. I definitely recommend this one for those of you looking for a quick and steamy read. Sure they fall fast but it's totally worth the read. 

Thank you Entangled for approving this book for me! 

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