Monday, February 15, 2016

The Monday Musts #05 [Simon, Kingsfoil, Nerd-off!]

The Monday Musts is a new feature created by Jessica from Lovin' los libros where we share with you each week all the musts you're missing out on. The must reads, the must listens, and the must sees (This can be ANYTHING that catches our eye. Other blogs, bookish things, pictures, etc)

Must Read

I absolutely fell in love with this book. It was so sweet, with just the right amount of angst and swoons. And I loved, loved, loved the characters. I keep saying this but this will be my favorite book of 2016. At least when it comes to contemporary. It'll be hard to pit it against any fantasy/sci-fi/paranormal. It wouldn't be fair. Fave contemp? Yes!

Must Listen

Band: Kingsfoil
Album: A Beating Heart is a Bleeding Heart
Favorite Song: Grapevine Valentine

Kingsfoil is one of my top 5 all time favorite bands. I've gone on a kick the last week or so where all I've really listened to is Grapevine Valentine.  I tend to get obsessive with songs that way haha.

Must See:

So I completely forgot that Monday was just around the corner until the last minute and I wasn't prepared with a must see for this week. So I turned to one of the other places I like to while my time away, YouTube. This video cracks me up. And let's be honest. We're all a little jealous we weren't in a nerd-off with Pierce Brown. 

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