Monday, February 22, 2016

The Monday Musts #06 [SS, Lauv, Sorted]

The Monday Musts is a new feature created by Jessica from Lovin' los libros where we share with you each week all the musts you're missing out on. The must reads, the must listens, and the must sees (This can be ANYTHING that catches our eye. Other blogs, bookish things, pictures, etc)

Must Read

I finished this one about a week ago and absolutely loved it. I can't wait for more from this series!

Must Listen

So one way I discover new music all the time is through Spotify and the "Discover Weekly" playlist that caters specifically to me based on the things that I regularly listen to. But the other major way I find new music is through my kid. I can't even begin to tell you the number of times he'll suddenly tell me to drop whatever I'm doing or text me when he's out with his friends because "OMG have to hear this new song I found!!" And I think there's only been one time throughout the years that I haven't really been into it. This is the most recent song from one of those situations.

T: "Mom. Open Spotify. Search L-A-U-V. Find a song called The Other. You're welcome"

And then he turned around and got back to whatever he was doing. Goofball. But he was right. And I did thank him haha.

Must See

Seems like lately I keep throwing in YouTube videos in here but I can't help it. If I'm not reading or watching a movie/tv show or any other number of things you will more than likely find me lost in the black hole known as YouTube. One of my favorite channels is one called SORTEDfood. It's essentially a cooking channel run by a group of British guys and they can be so freaking funny at times. I mean not only do you get ideas for some delicious foods but it's laced with humor as well. Plus is there anything sexier than guys who can cook? Um yes. British guys who can cook. You're welcome!

Do you have some must reads/listens/sees? Let me know so I can check them out! And if you haven't already you should really join in on the fun of this feature! It's one of my favorite things to look forward to on Monday! :)

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