Monday, March 14, 2016

The Monday Musts #09 [Just Listen, Dave, Those Who Can't]

The Monday Musts is a new feature created by Jessica from Lovin' los libros where we share with you each week all the musts you're missing out on. The must reads, the must listens, and the must sees (This can be ANYTHING that catches our eye. Other blogs, bookish things, pictures, etc)

Why does Monday seem to just sneak up on me every single week? I feel like maybe twice since I've started doing this I was fully prepared days in advance. Most of the time I'm scrambling at the last minute. (It's currently 3:30am and I can't sleep so...yeah)

Had to do a quick little browse through my reading journal to try and remember what I've been reading and loving lately and I just recently finished this one. It is also my first book I've read by Sarah Dessen. It wasn't anything I was expecting, which was just light and fluffy and sugary sweet romance. And it kind of was those things but it was also kinda heavy and dark and I just really, really loved it. Though if you do go to pick it up just a trigger warning for attempted rape so you might want to keep that in mind.

So if you saw my posts for the previous two weeks I gave you my first (FOB) and second (PATD) of my top 3 most favorite bands of all time and so this week I'll go with my number 3 and just complete my list. My musical tastes are heavily eclectic. So while this isn't the farthest stretch from the first 2 bands it's still quite different. Oh dear, I just realized picking songs is going to be really hard.

Artist: Dave Matthews Band
Album: Crash or also Some Devil are absolute favorites
Favorite Song(s): #41(Favorite of the favorites) | Crash into Me | Baby | Oh | So Damn Lucky | Stay or Leave | Where are You Going ... Fuck my life I could be here all day. Just anything fucking Dave Matthews yanno?

Just #41

Or you could go with the playlist I made a couple years ago (95 songs)

This section stumps me nearly every week. And normally I throw up some random YouTube video that I'm loving but I really have no idea what one I would even go for. So instead I'm going to introduce (maybe) you to a show that my son and I have recently gotten into that has us cracking up every week. Now, not gonna lie... it's very juvenile humor. And probably a bit ridiculous...but we love it. So if that's your thing and you haven't watched it yet I highly suggest Those Who Can't.

So there we go! Another Monday of musts done!

So what are your must read/listen/sees this week? :)

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