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ARC REVIEW: How to Master a Millionaire (Rich List #1) by Talia Hunter

Title/Series: How to Master a Millionaire | Rich List #1
Author: Talia Hunter
Publisher: Talia Hunter
Published: March 9th 2015
Format: eARC | Pages: 181
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Erotica, Romance
Source: Author
★★★★ (4/5) Stars!

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She’ll learn to tame him… 

When he scores the lead role in a feature film, millionaire model-turned-actor Max Oberon won’t let anything mess up his big break. But there’s a problem. His character’s submissive relationship is a big part of the movie, and Max can’t seem to make it convincing. Solution? Five days with a dominatrix should help him overcome his need for total control.

Ally’s life is one hot mess. A broke blogger, this story could be her chance to get back on her feet. If Ally can pass herself off as a dominatrix, she can publish a tell-all article and get the money she needs to keep from losing everything. So what if she’s clueless about anything kinky, and her abusive ex left her with a self-confidence problem?

Although Ally can’t give orders and Max hates taking them, together they discover new ways of commanding pleasure. But will Ally’s deception destroy their one chance at love?

I received a copy of this book, from the author, in exchange for an honest review. In no way did this sway either my review or my rating!

When Talia Hunter contacted me about reading her upcoming book I felt two things, the first of which was excited. I had read her other book, Her Hot Number, last year around the time of it's release and loved it and it left me looking forward to reading more from her. My second feeling was a slight bit of nervousness. When I got to the part about hiring a dominatrix I wasn't quite sure how I felt about that. Sure I've read other books set in the world of BDSM but I'm a girl who loves her alpha males. Though I figured since he was needing help to overcome his controlling side that maybe, hopefully, Max would still be alpha enough to keep my interest and not be so willing to submit.  Plus with Ally actually not really being a dominatrix in the first place...I figured this book had fun written all over it. Boy was I right!

Ally's character is what really made this story for me. The thing about Ally is that she was the furthest thing from a confident, powerful, dominatrix type. Instead she is very insecure, fragile and in a sense weak. She had an ex who really did a number to her self-esteem. Plus she was very disorganized and chaotic. I loved watching her empower herself and she also made for some very humorous moments. And then Max was just...just wow. Not only is he controlled, powerful and very alpha but he's got all these other unexpected quirks that I found very endearing. He's neat, organized and plans everything in a very obsessive-compulsive manner. I mean Max would make a list to schedule their days; when to wake up, when to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, his morning workout. It was very detailed.

The thing is even as different as Max and Ally were, and we're talking complete polar opposites here, I felt like they complimented each other so well and just seemed to fit together. She helps him to go from completely rigid and controlled to learning how to loosen up a bit. Oversleep once in a while, be spontaneous. And in turn just being in his presence makes her realize how chaotic and messy her life is and inspires her to take control and become better. They make each other better and it was the sweetest thing.

Holy chemistry Batman, Max and Ally are overflowing with it! I mean it's explosive from the beginning, from the very first minute they were alone, and I knew that I could expect some very intense scenes. It was fun to watch insecure and inexperienced Ally pretend to be bold, comfortable in her own skin and in control when on the inside she was anything but. And in turn to see Max fight to keep all the power and yet slowly relinquish his control over time as he grew to trust her. Even see him trust her period. They make for a very steamy and incredibly sweet pair!

Overall this book was so much fun. It was funny and awkward at times (and I only say awkward to mean poor Ally's transformation from timid librarian type to total sex kitten), heartbreaking at others and the rest it bounced back and forth between sweet and very sexy. I'm hooked and can't wait for the next book in the series! Even though it may take me a bit to warm up to Ally's sister Geena whom I believe it said the next book is about. I will say I wasn't very happy at all with the way both Geena and Ally's partner Lacey treated her towards the end. Though my disappointment leaned mostly towards Lacey. I'm still looking forward to what will happen with Geena though. I mean the girl owns an adult toy store for goodness sake. Her story is just screaming fun!

Thank you so much Talia for the opportunity to read and review this book!!

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