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REVIEW: Tamed (Club Sin #5) by Stacey Kennedy

Title: Tamed
Series: Club Sin #5
Publisher: Loveswept
Published: March 10th 2015
Format: eBook | Pages: 256
Genres: Adult, Erotica, Romance, BDSM
Source: Amazon
★★★★★ (5/5) Stars!!!

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USA Today bestselling author Stacey Kennedy returns to the tantalizing world of Club Sin in an enticing novel of control and surrender.

Porter Marshall has nearly achieved his goal of becoming a Club Sin Master, but his new sub poses a much bigger challenge than he anticipated. Despite their mutual attraction and red-hot dungeon sessions, Kenzie Hart plays her own games. Her bratty, you-can’t-break-me attitude masks terrible personal hurt—pain that only the exquisite touch of a skilled Dom can release. But when Porter suggests taking their connection to the outside world, Kenzie denies him . . . which only makes him want her more.

Kenzie can’t ignore the raw, fierce bond she has with Porter. But she can’t give in to his dangerous demands, either. Is the passion they share real, or is he using her to solidify his status at Club Sin? And yet, who else can she trust with the shattering secrets she holds within? As Porter expertly brings her to the point of no return, Kenzie surrenders her body—and, piece by piece, her heart.

Tamed is an erotic romance intended for mature audiences.

The moment this book hit my Kindle I had the urge to run around shoving my Kindle in everyone's face as I excitedly shouted "Porter and Kenzie! Porter and Kenzie!" The only things that stopped me was, well, it was midnight and I'm sure waking people up out of a dead sleep wouldn't do very good things for my likability. And second, well nobody  I know outside the blogging world is very much of a reader so they'd probably respond with something along the lines of "That's...nice?" which would only end up dimming my excitement. I've been wanting this book the come out for so long that I dropped everything and started it immediately! It was so worth the wait and kind of perfect.
It worked for her, because it meant that they all saw her exactly as she wanted them to. A brat.
What had me the most excited for this book was the fact that Kenzie is kind of infamous among the members of Club Sin. Her fame in the world of Club Sin among the Masters, Doms and subs is the fact that she was...kind of a brat. Literally just about every time someone mentioned her name in the previous books she was always referred to as being a brat who liked to be punished so she would push all the Doms that worked with her until they would give her the punishment she was seeking. Most of them ended up dreading having to work with her. It always made me grin and wish that one of these days there would be a story for her so I could experience the wild child first hand.
Had he pegged her entirely wrong? Was she simply a little lost, not insolent?
The thing is that everything I thought I knew and expected I would see when reading this book when it came to Kenzie was just so wrong. I didn't expect all the hurt and emotional pain behind the tough and spunky girl that she showed to these people. This surprising side of her made me love her all the more. She's just a very, very broken person that's been let down and kicked in the gut by life one too many times and her story made my heart ache. Aside from all of that though the thing I did expect, her spunk and defiance was in full bloom and it was everything I hoped it would be. She was so, so, so much fun!
Perhaps it was his manhood talking, but he quite liked the idea of going up against the strongest sub he'd ever known.
Porter was absolutely incredible. I had already liked him before starting this but the deeper I got into this book the deeper my feelings for him got, to the point where he's just barely edged past Kyler as my favorite Master at Club Sin. I think what really did me in with him is the fact that he isn't just Powerful, protective and patient, there's this softer side, this sweetness to him and he would do anything for the people he cares about. Most importantly though was the fact that everybody else that comes across Kenzie just sees past her and only sees the brat who uses disrespect to get what she wants and they all just give in. That patience that Porter has though along with his incredible ability to read people really saw Kenzie. And where others would likely want to get rid of that spark she has that makes her mouthy and push buttons he embraced it and thought it was sexy and truly loved that side of her.
She wondered if that was simply because a Club Sin submissive was being threatened, or if it was because she was being threatened.
I loved the fact that Porter and Kenzie's storyline had so much depth to it. I mean, of course there was the heat and the sizzle. There was nothing tame about these two when they got together. And that first scene they had together right at the beginning of the book? Oh. My. Word. You almost need to turn up the AC to get through those passages! But really I loved that it wasn't just focused on their chemistry and that there was a darker and more dangerous element to it. One that showcased Porter's protective and possessive side. I'd feel sorry for anyone that posed a threat to what was his!
"Those girls are ours to protect, aren't' they?"
The best thing about this entire series though is the fact that once you finish a couple's book they're not really gone. They're like this little family and so they're always in each other's lives and an amazing support system to one another and look out for each other. It's always fun to see Dmitri and Presley, Aidan and Cora, Kyler and Ella and even Sawyer and see what's happening in their lives since their happily ever afters happened. Now I just have to try to make it through to July to get to Sawyer's book. I already adore him so much and briefly met Chloe in this book and can't wait to see her give him a run for his money in Commanded! Tamed was a perfect addition to the Club Sin series and it surpassed my expectations! Bring on Master Sawyer!

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