Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday #07

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish!

Our topic this week is:

Top Ten Favorite Books I Read Before I Was A Blogger

Oh man...tough. :/ They are, except for #1 that truly is #1, in no particular order of preference and it's a wide range of genres :D

1. The Wheel of Time Series by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson

This series is seriously mind blowingly phenomenal. It's an epic fantasy series with 14 main books in total. 11 of which  solely by Robert Jordan before he passed away back in 2007 and the last 3 by both Jordan and Brandon Sanderson after his passing.  Mr. Jordan was sick for some time before his passing so he had the rest of the series laid out and extensive notes and such all ready. (Still makes me sad knowing he's gone. Brilliant man.) Now I've only read up to book 10 at this point, I'd been waiting for the last 4 books to be published before I finished reading the series, so I'm not sure how well Brandon Sanderson brought this series I love so much to an end, but I have heard many good things. I really need to take some "ME" reading time out of my blog reading schedule and finish these books. I'm dying to right now. For those lovers of fantasy novels, and please no death threats but...I personally put this series above the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

I was working at a circuit board factory at one point years ago and I was really sucked into one of the books and so close to finishing it the night before. So the next day so instead of sitting in the cafeteria at lunch like normal I ate in my car where it was quiet so I could try to read as much of it as I could. People were coming and going and all of a sudden I heard this scream and then someone was pounding on my windshield yelling "OMG A GIRL WHO READS WHEEL OF TIME I THINK I LOVE YOU!!" Yeah I actually talked to creepy fanboy. It made me laugh what can I say. Besides he was pretty cool. And no he didn't love me lol. But it just goes to show this series brings strangers together in the most random ways! Anyway, I could seriously fangirl like crazy all day so I need to just move on or we won't get to the other 9!

2. The Bridgerton Series by Julia Quinn

I went through a phase for years, I mean yeeeeears, where all I read were Historical Romances. Mostly Regency period. I found Romancing Mister Bridgerton at my library's used book store I think it was like a dollar or something ridiculous like that and I figured why not. I fell in love. Everything she writes is so good. And funny. I mean laugh out loud funny. You fall in love with her characters and their stories. The love is sweet with just enough steaminess to make you go "whoa.." but not too much that it would make those who are uncomfortable with the really graphic want to cringe. It's definitely more about the story and the HEA. The book I put up is actually #4 in the series, there's 8 in all plus companion novels. But really it's 8 individual stories and they could easily stand alone.

3. Serioiusly ANYTHING by Dean Koontz

This man is a genius when it comes to Supernatural/Mystery/Thriller/Horror types of books. I have been a huge fan of his work since probably around my junior high years. (So yeah a long time shush! :P) The first book of his I ever read was one called Watchers, I think I had seen a movie based on it before hand, I didn't even know what it was about I just knew it had Corey Haim and back in the late 80s early 90s I was all about Corey Haim and I had to read the book after seeing it. That's all it took I devoured everything of his I could get my hands on after that. Funny enough last year some time I went back and found the movie Watchers and watched it again...I don't know what on earth made me want to read the book back then but I'm glad I did haha.

4. The Stand by Stephen King

 photo TheStand_zpsab08b77f.jpg

Now there's a lot of stuff by Stephen King that I like. But one piece of his work always stands out most in my mind and I have read over and over is The Stand. It's like the ultimate story of the battle against good and evil in a post apocalyptic world. The movie based off of it wasn't so bad either. I think it's in four parts? I can't remember it's been a long time but this book tops my list for favorites of his.

 5. The Harry Potter Series by J. K. Rowling

Seriously? You need me to explain this one? Yeah...didn't think so :D I've been craving reading them all over again for months now. Sadly I lost all but Deathly Hallows (along with all my Julia Quinn books :( ..) in a move a few years ago so I need to repurchase them *Sigh* Oh and I'd like to let it be known for the HP fans out there.. I was Team Snape the whole time! 

Do I still love this series? 
After all this time?

It's funny, I came across these the other day when I was going through my bookshelf and it was one of those, "ohhh yeah!" moments. I'd forgotten all about them. A couple of really good Romantic Suspense novels. Once a Thief was my first Kay Hooper novel and I fell in love with Quinn (our thief). Since then I've read a number of her other books but the Quinn/Thief series will always be my absolute favorite.

7. The Deadly/Francesca Cahill Series by Brenda Joyce

The Deadly series is set in turn of the century New York. They're a Historical Romantic Suspense Mystery mash up. There's 9 books in total (which I haven't finished the whole thing...I need to put this on my to do list asap!) Francesca finds herself in the middle of a police investigation of a kidnapping in the first book. Being a society girl isn't something she's at all interested in, much to her parents dismay. The thrill of the investigation grabs hold of her and she fancies herself a sleuth. In a time where it wasn't proper for young ladies to do much besides get married. She has a knack for getting herself in sticky situations. They are such fun books. One of the biggest reasons I love them doesn't make an appearance until book 2, Deadly Pleasure. It's fitting. Calder Hart. *Fans self* 

 photo THGTTG_zps704bc53d.jpg

This book is brilliant. Period. If you've never read it you are totally missing out. It's about this British guy, Arthur Dent who is rescued by his friend Ford moments before the earth is blown to bits to make way for a space type of galactic freeway. It's Sci-Fi/Fantasy humor at it's finest. It's one of those books I think everyone should read at least once in their lifetime. Not convinced? Okay there's a movie based on the book that is one of the few times that I am pleased with the movie adaptation. It has an amazing cast. Martin Freeman as Arthur Dent, Mos Def as Ford (brilliant!) Sam Rockwell as Zaphod Beeblebrox (again brilliant!) Zooey Deschanel as Trillian/Tricia McMillan I mean I could go on. So if you're unsure then at least give the movie a shot! Though I still say you should read the book :P

9. The Scent of Jasmine by Barbara Delinsky

 photo ScentOfJasmine_zpsa20ffe85.jpg

If you're looking for good adult Contemporary Romance, Barbara Delinsky has plenty to choose from. I've read many of her books and they are fantastic. The Scent of Jasmine is my all time favorite. 

10. James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl

 photo JamesAndTheGiantPeach_zps88cf5733.jpg

I know right! Surprised? I can't even tell you how many times I've read this since I was a kid. It will always be one of those classics to me that I'll never out grow. Hmm may be time for another read soon! :)

Man I should have never done this post. SO many books I want to reread right now it's crazy!! So what are some of your pre-blogging days favorites?


  1. Harry Freaking Potter!!! This one never gets old. Never ever!

    1. Hahaha! Ever never ever never never and a few more just to be sure. Agreed :D

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I wonder if anyone was a blogger when Harry Potter first came out? Not sure.

    Here's my list, Favorite Books I Read Before I Was a Blogger.

    1. You know, probably not. Or if so then I'm sure it was nothing like it is today!

      Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. The Wheel Of Time. Yes. I non-windshield-pounding love you. And don't worry at all about Brandon Sanderson's ability to finish the series. I haven't gotten to read the very last one yet, but the two by him I have read are AMAZING. Dare I say it, even better than some that Jordan wrote alone. Seriously, you should also check out Sanderson's original work. Elantris is a stand-alone and his debut, really good. Mistborn is my favorite, though. It's a trilogy epic fantasy must-read.

    Harry Potter, yes! I think that's been in every single list I've seen so far, as it deserves to be. I am seriously going to reread those books again very soon.

    My TTT


    1. Haha thanks Kelly I non-winshield-pounding love you too! And I'm glad about Brandon Sanderson plus I've looked into him in the past and I keep meaning to start the Mistborn series I just having gotten around to it yet. I need to make this like a goal, finish WoT and then give those a try as well. I'm always up for a really great epic fantasy!

      I've just barely started making my blog rounds but I'm sure Harry Potter will be all over the place. 3 out of 4 of them so far this morning :D

  4. I haven't read any of the books you listed except of Harry Potter (best series ever written), but they all look really interesting!
    I have this gigantic copy of The Hitchhiker Guide to The Galaxy. I saw it on many lists today, so I will probably read it soon (:
    Thanks for sharing! I'm a new follower :D

    Can you please check out my blog too and follow back? Thanks ^^
    Sapir @ Diary of a Wimpy Teen Girl

    1. Yeah I expect that quite a few of mine nobody will know lol and I agree Harry Potter series will always be a favorite!

      I loved Hitchhiker's Guide and I think it's awesome you've seen it on lots of other people's lists (I haven't yet) But hopefully if you read it you like it! Lots of humor, I think.

      Anyway, Thank you for stopping by and following! :)

  5. I was a huge Dean Koontz fan for awhile too - read everything by him that I could get my hands on. Good, creepy stuff. And, The Stand would've made my honorable mention list - I read it in 1998, and it was epic. Great list!

    Here's mine: TTT @ Krista's Dust Jacket

    1. Yeah, doing this has made me want to pick up a Dean Koontz book again. It's been a while.

      Thanks for stopping by! :)

  6. James and the Giant Peach is an excellent choice!

    1. Thank you Ashley! It's definitely a classic.

      Thanks for stopping by! :)

  7. Harry Potter also made my list! My friend has been trying to get me to read the Wheel of Time seris forever and I've just never gotten around to it!

    My TTT

    Jessica@Lovin' Los Libros

    1. The Wheel of Time are a huge set of books to take on. Like I said 14 books and each one is literally close to 700 pages at least (most of them). BUT if you're into epic fantasy....Best. Books. EVER!

      Thanks for stopping by Jessica! :D

  8. What a great mix of genres and titles! HP, of course -- they only barely missed being on my list, but I do love them. And the Bridgertons -- lovely! I re-read the series (or at least the first six) every few years. You've also got some series that are completely new to me; I'll have to check them out!

    1. Yeah books and music I tend to have a very wide mix of genres that I love to read/listen to. I enjoy variety! It's been too many years since I've reread the Bridgerton series I think I'm about due!

      Thanks for stopping by Lark! :)