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ARC REVIEW: Some Like it Sizzling (A Perfect Recipe #3) by Robbie Terman

Title/Series: Some Like it Sizzling | A Perfect Recipe #3
Author: Robbie Terman
Publisher: Entangled Select Contemporary
Published: January 12th 2015
Format: eARC | Pages: 265
Genre: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Source: Publisher
★★★ (3/5) Stars!

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Former model and restaurateur Jenna Rawley has a plan. Marry the man who looks best on paper, and live the secure life she craved as a child. But when her fiancĂ© runs off, with her money, Jenna’s left with nothing but the past she’s spent years outrunning. With no other options, she’s forced to move back home, find a second job, and come face-to-face with a man who has every reason to distrust her.

Firefighter Luke Kearney never forgave Jenna for leaving town after he proposed in high school. So, he’s not especially happy when he’s forced to plan their fifteen-year-reunion with her. Jenna is the last person he can trust. But the more they work together, the more Luke realizes that the girl who broke his heart might have become the woman he could love forever.

I received a copy of this book, from the publisher, in exchange for an honest review. In no way did this sway either my review or my rating!

Second chances at love are some of my favorite types of books to read. There's the connection and spark that's already there. There's usually something at least one of them is bitter about still that ended things to begin with. There's just so many possibilities for tension and romance and passion. While I loved the storyline...I did have one issue with this book.

I adored Jenna's family and all of her friends. I fell hard for Luke, his family was lots of fun, he has the most adorable and inquisitive little boy. I even loved....loved his ex-wife Olivia. Flat out loved her. The one person I couldn't stand unfortunately was Jenna. Had you completely removed her from this book or given her a complete personality overhaul I would have easily gone 4 to 4.5 stars on this one.

Jenna is very vain and materialistic and such a label whore that before 50 pages in there were already 3 name drops and by the end of the book it was closer to 10. I honestly don't know why this bugs me so much but it always seems to. At one point Jenna even makes some sort of mental reference to the fact that she measured financial security by things. Not only that but after high school she was the one who left Luke for partially selfish reasons. She left without a word and sent him a letter from Europe as a kind of oh-by-the-way-I-moved type of thing, it was her choice right? Well when she's back home and she discovers her family like went to his wedding and kept in contact with him she would call them traitors and was honest to goodness pissed off that he was still part of their life. Not that it mattered that both families went way back before they even dated in school to begin with. There are just too many reasons and situations that even when she started making changes toward the end, the damage was already done. Not a Jenna fan sorry.

But on to the better parts of this book. Seriously Luke is as close to perfection as you could get. Besides the fact that he's a firefighter (um, yeah, I'm already sold) he is just a genuinely sweet and wonderful guy. Very family oriented, he's an amazing dad and his son Eli is the center of his world. He has the most healthy and awesome relationship with Olivia, the ex-wife, to the point where for the longest time I was actually hoping a miracle would happen and Jenna would run off again and he'd get back together with Olivia instead.

I haven't read the fist 2 books in the series as of yet but the females are Jenna's best friends who you get to know a tiny bit in this one. They both seemed like so much fun and so I will more than likely be giving them a try. This book really was good it was just one character that I didn't get on with.

And surprise, surprise...without giving anything away there is a second storyline that is going on within this one and with the exception of Luke, I almost wish that there had been more of it since I was far more interested in all the people involved there instead. Don't worry it's not complicated because the stories are meshed together and related. But anyway, final thoughts would be that for the most part I did love this book and if you think a character like Jenna won't bother you than I do recommend it because it had plenty of moments that were heartwarming, heartbreaking, funny and very steamy.

Thanks to Entangled for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book!

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