Saturday, January 31, 2015

Tangled Talk #04: What the shelf?!

Help! I need some opinions.

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So I have this dilemma. I have two decent sized bookshelves. I mean they're el cheapo but they're sturdy and they work well enough the quality isn't the problem. The problem is...the number of books I greater than the capacity of the two shelves combined to hold.

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What? You're surprised? I didn't think so...

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Ahem...moving on...

I solved that, at least for now, by buying a third bookshelf. Different brand, two more shelves though it seems 2 of them aren't going to be adjustable so I'm worried about putting it together. But the thing is it's taller and should hold quite a few books with plenty of room to spare. Don't worry though I'm sure this time next year I'll be whining and crying to you all because I'm out of shelf space again. If you've been around this blog before on weekly hauls then you know how I am. You know I'm right.

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Right now I'm kind of in limbo on what I'm going to do with them. Part of the reason the new shelf is still in the box and I'm procrastinating putting it together. Right now the two shelves I've had are sort of in a big old cluster fuck state. I had to move them from where they were and in doing so I went from nice and organized to, well throwing the books just anywhere on the shelf with no rhyme or reason or method to the madness. 

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It's driving me crazy! I'm pretty OCD about stuff like this. I  can't even stand to look at them right now because of all the chaos. I'm very Monica in that sense.

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Oops...not that version of Monica.

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The hyper organized, everything having it's place and needing it to be in that place version of Monica. But I don't know how I should organize them. I used to have them alphabetized by author's last name. Then under that author I had the titles alphabetized as well. In the case of series I would group those books together and they would be grouped together by the series title. For example under JLA's section of books I own I had all of the Covenant books together before all of the Lux books. Make sense? I'm sure you get it.

I've been thinking though. Part of me wanted to have separate shelves for books I've read and books I still need to read. But then the problem is once I finish a book or group of books I'd then need to reorganize once again to find room for them on the shelf of read books. That would become a huge pain in the ass.

So then do I organize it by favorites? I can just see myself surrounded by piles of books pulling out my hair because I can't decide which book I like more than the other ones. And then what do I do with the books, once again, that I haven't read yet?

Should I do some sort of fun color coded thing? It sounds fun and visually it would be pretty to look at but how am I supposed to find a book quickly if there's no organization going on whatsoever?

What about by book title?

By size?


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How do YOU organize, or lack there of, your shelves? Have you thought of something that I haven't? I'd love to hear what you've done yourself. Hopefully help make up my mind because for every good idea I have I come up with about 2-3 reasons why it could backfire on me down the line. I don't know what to do. Here's what I have to work with.

The chaos right now:

There's probably about 3 dozen more books piled up on and around the vicinity of my desk...hence the need for more shelving. 


So that's my problem. Leave me a comment on how you sort your shelves if you have a minute and you'll probably have my undying love and gratitude lol! And thanks for taking an hour and reading this. (We've established in previous posts I don't know how to be brief...) 

Have a great weekend! xoxo


  1. Ugh SEE I didn't even think about that. No matter how I do it I'll have to move them all around once I get new books. Maybe I should just stop buying books?


    It's cute how delusional I can be sometimes ;)

    Hmmm pub date. That's actually a really good idea. Thanks Jess!

  2. Hahaha! This is pretty great. So, for me, I alphabetize by author last name. In the case of JLA and her series, I put them in order of pub. date. So my Lux books come before some of her stand-alones. I see the dilemma with the separate read and unread shelves, because you'll keep rearranging. Though, you'll have that problem no matter what. It's irritating when I get a new book and I have to move ALL THE BOOKS just to get it to fit. But when it's done, it's done. *shrug*

  3. We do not have a sorting system for our shelf. We happen to just place the books on the shelf. For the longest time our series weren't even together, but they are now. I know this would drive your inner Monica crazy, but we don't have that many books. If we had more books I would do the author thing.