Tuesday, July 9, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Day #2

It's Day #2!! In the 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge. You can find out more about it at Good Books and Good Wine

What's your bedtime reading ritual?

Honestly I don't really know that I have one. I read off and on throughout the day in my spare time but once dinner's been done and eaten it's really different every night. Sometimes my kiddo is home and we hang out or he goes to video games and I grab a book. I don't have a set evening. But at some point after all the teeth brushing and face washing and throwing the hair up in a messy bun, eventually I do get to cozy up with a book and just read until I can't keep my eyes open any more (that's in between bouts of messing around on Twitter :P).

If the book is really good and has sucked me in, sleep sometimes doesn't come at all. And then I spend the next few days kicking myself as I'm draggin ass trying to keep from napping constantly. Apparently I'm not as young as I used to be.


  1. I dragged ass today because somebodyyy told me to buy Taste the Heat and I started reading it last night. Hmm. Wonder who that is....

    When I'm in vegas, I will read so late because I can just keep reading but in wa, fiance always forces me to stop! haha

  2. STAY IN VEGAS FOREVER THEN!! Haha. And umm *Looks around* I have no idea. Who would make you buy a book like that? Gosh. Rude! *Clears throat and slinks away...*