Monday, July 8, 2013

15 Day Book Blogging Challenge | Day #1

Never one to turn away from a good challenge I've decided to (better late than never!) join in on the 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge and you can find out more about it at Good Books and Good Wine. The first challenge is to Make 15 book related confessions. This should be interesting...

1.) I can't read without music. It used to be the other way around, if I had music on I'd be distracted and sing along. But now I find life distracting, so I pop my earbuds into my phone turn the music up and bam, peace.

2.) I've read the Twilight series at the very least 8 times from Twilight to Breaking Dawn and yanno what? I'm pretty damn okay with telling you this.

3.) The more traumatic or emotional or tear inducing a book is, the more I'll more than likely wind up loving it. I enjoy having my heart ripped out for some reason. Maybe it's slightly masochistic, but the moment a friend says a book has done a number to them I race to B&N or Amazon and buy it.

4.) If I'm into the story and/or characters, I am 100% into it. I laugh, I cry, I get angry, I get embarrassed for them. I feel everything that's being put out there. And I love every single minute of it!

5.) Show me a book with a well written love triangle and I will kiss the ground you walk upon! Eww okay maybe I won't go that far but I do love a good triangle of luuurrrve. As long as it improves the story and isn't just thrown in there for the sake of having an obstacle in the way.

6.) If there's a love story and I'm totally into the couple and for some reason something happens... I tend to take the guys side. I don't know why! You'd think I'd be loyal to my gender? But nope I sit there thinking "How could you do that to him?!" Case in point? The end of Fallen Too Far. I freaking adored Blaire right up to the end and now I can't stand her.

7.) I cringe, and it physically hurts me if I know people do things like dog ear pages. It's abuse people!

8.) Similar to #7 I have a bit of anxiety when someone wants to borrow a physical copy of a book. Take any one of my eBooks you want!!! But I go Smeagol on your ass when you want to touch any of my other preciouuuuuuuuussssssss. Seriously. My mom wanted to borrow my Hunger Games books and it hurt to hand them over. You know how in movies when someone is giving something to someone that they really don't want to hand over and they don't let go and it's like a sort of tug of war thing with said object? That's me and my books. Don't judge me...

9.) My TBR pile is out of control. I quite literally have enough books to last me probably a year comfortably, both physical and eBooks and I still go out of control week after week either with free and/or $0.99 stuff from Amazon or requesting binges on NetGalley. I have no self control.

10.) There are books that I have on either my Nook or Kindle....that I also have physical copies of. Sometimes I have to be able to touch the pages and stare at the cover or whatever but I don't have the patience to wait for the book or the funds for the hard copy at the time so I buy an eBook so I can read it right away and then down the road I buy the actually print copy. Hello. My name is Sheri. And I am a book hoarder.

11.) I will admit to occasionally judging books by their covers. I'm not proud of it. I'm sure I could be missing a lot of good books. But sometimes I see something and it's like, "Meh...." and I walk away.

12.) Having to DNF a book sometimes makes me nearly physically ill (I mean review books). I will put myself through such torture trying to finish review books instead of just walking away, which I should do. I'm getting better at it. But I try to hold out as long as I can.

13.) Bad and damaged guys win my heart each and every time. My current number one book boyfriend is Remington Tate from Real. Bad. Damaged. Caveman. Sexy as all hell. Yep. I have  issues.

14.) If something really good is about to happen in a book I will literally cover up the parts I haven't gotten to yet so I don't accidentally see something that would spoil it for me. I'm so paranoid about this.

15.) It's very rare that I actually picture characters as they're described. You can describe them to me down to the very last detail but it won't guarantee that's what they'll look like in my head. Sometimes it's as simple as hearing a name and if you tell me Joe Blow is blond, blue eyed and 6ft tall, sometimes I hear Joe Blow and in my head pops brown hair green eyes and short. *Shrugs* it's my brain and my fantasy people! (Oh and I seriously hope I never run into a Joe Blow...)

So that's what I've come up with. It was harder than I thought!


  1. Yes, a million times to number 3. It's cathartic, I think.

  2. Yes, Yes, Yes, that is what I kept saying as I read your list :-) You know I'm all about number 1. Silence freaks me out. I completely get immersed in books and I swear I lose track of reality!

  3. Yep I'm the same way. If I'm in the zone and lost in a book I feel sorry for the poor fool to disrupt me. lol

  4. Good luck with the challenge! I'm that way with review books too. I have one right now that's not working for me at all but it hurts to dnf it or have to email and say it's not working. I'm terrible at that.

    herding cats & burning soup

  5. I have one like that too! I had to put it down and try something else. I've been stuck on the same page literally for 3 days. I just wind up staring at it and my mind wanders. So not good :( Glad I'm not alone!!

  6. Oh no. Definitely not alone. 3 days it a long time to give it. I gave this one 80 pages and had to take a break. Was getting madder and madder at the hero and couldn't decide if I was just reading into things because of one thing earlier in the book or if he really was being grrr worthy. LOL So reading something else and coming back. Hope a little break from yours makes going back easier!

  7. #4! I am so like that. Probably a little tooo much. =) Yeep book hoarder here as well. How am I gonna move, you ask? I don't know. o.O

  8. Start shipping the ones you've read to your fiance now haha. Just little by little that way by the time you're done with school BOOM you're all set ;D

  9. #15 I do the same thing. For billionaire types, I usually picture Henry Cavill in a suit and for bad boy types, it is usually some Alex Pettyfer type.

  10. This is an awesome list :) We have a lot in common. Beside the hoarding and having no self control, also judge books by covers and feel awful if I can't finish a book.

    Julie @ Chapter Break

  11. Just discovered your blog today, and I'm in love! Tangled and books = two of my favorite things!

    Also, great confessions! I share so many of them. I get WAY into my books. That was one of my confessions, as well. I also share #3 (though I do eventually want a happy ending! But lots of crying and angst on the way there? And I'll love you forever), #5, #7, #8, #11, #12, #14, and #15 (I will sometimes try to force myself to picture them correctly if I don't automatically, but I usually fail. Stubborn brain.).

    Clearly, I should hang around here more often. :D

  12. Yay! I have a couple set guys who always pop into my head as well. I think Henry needs to start making more of an appearance in my bookish fantasies! ;) Good choices!

  13. Thanks Julie! This challenge has been fun and makes me feel less I'm-so-weird-and-probably-the-only-one-who-does-that. Haha :)

  14. Well I'm so glad you did! And I agree with you that the books do eventually have to have a happy ending BUT all those tears and angst along the way and I'm happy as can be! I love meeting fellow bloggers with so much in common this is awesome! :D

  15. Yessss! I love it when a book breaks my heart! That's the best.

    I have zero self control as well, ha ha.

    Also, yes yes, if I am really into a story, I am 100% into it as well!

    Great confessions. :-) Thanks for joining in.