Saturday, July 13, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Day #6

It's Day #6!! In the 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge. You can find out more about it at Good Books and Good Wine

Describe how you shop for books.

Haha...if you've spent any sort of time at all on my blog during my Weekly Haul posts then you'll know that there is no method to my madness. Just click, click. click. Then weep in the corner because I went overboard... AGAIN.

Since getting my Kindle I have grown into more of an eBook person. I fall victim to the 1 click buying very easily especially with all their freebies and $0.99 deals. It's hard not to. I still get my favorites in hard copies from either Amazon or Barnes & Noble whichever is the cheapest. But for the most part everything has been going straight to the Kindle. But try not to mention anything around it. It's starting to feel a bit fat.

In the beginning I would get things that popped out at me in my Goodreads feed or I would search through the YA section in B&N for new titles. But these days I get a lot of stuff from the influence of my friends and the stuff that isn't from them is stuff I see mentioned on Twitter or I signed up for BookBub and get daily emails with tons of bargain recommendations. I'm not one to resist temptation so I've usually accumulated quite a bit by the end of each week!

That's about it I guess, there's not much else to tell.


  1. Yeah and all of that has now been passed to me. I'm so screwed.

  2. Oh the one-click addiction. Something we all have in common :-)

  3. Bookbub is pretty awesome! thanks for introducing me to it.

  4. Amazon is cackling in their big cushy office right now "Muahahahahah! We got another one boysssss and she likey the books!"

  5. I think it gets worse in a group setting too...I'm just sayin... LOL

  6. You are very welcome chica! It's great for when we're broke as a joke from all our other clicking haha