Friday, May 1, 2015

Monthly Recap #04 April 2015

There's not going to be much to this post. I think I'm in kind of a reading slump. There's usually always something I'm reading. I read a book, write a review and move on to the next one fairly quickly. But there's about a 2 week gap where I read...nothing. It was both nice and frustrating. And it's not like I'm in a slump because the books I've been reading have been bad. I haven't had one, though it's not like there's a lot to pick from, that I didn't fully enjoy this month. I just can't seem to get enthusiastic about reading or blog type things. I normally have at least 10, usually more, posts scheduled at any given time. For the last few weeks it's been 2 tops. I'm hoping to shake this soon. Sigh.

So here's what happened on the blog:
April 2015

I reviewed:

Apollyon (Covenant #4) by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Once Upon A Dare by Jennifer Bonds
Sentinel (Covenant #5) by Jennifer L. Armentrout
The Deal (Off-Campus #1) by Elle Kennedy
The Truth About Jack by Jody Gehrman 

Favorite read of April:
The Deal (Off-Campus #1) by Elle Kennedy
Though honestly every book that I started and finished in April was really good. So even my least favorite pick is still going to be a good one just not as high on the list as the other 10ish books I read.

Oh. I'm pretty excited about one thing from this month...I finally finished my first audiobook!! I have tried in the past but I'm very picky about a person's voice and how they read the books. Plus when I'm listening I tend to get easily distracted or my mind will wander as opposed to when I actually have to string the words together into sentences and make my brain make sense of everything myself. But I recently got this and freaking loved it and couldn't stop listening!

If you are a fan of the movie I cannot recommend this enough. It was perfect for the fangirl in me plus listening to Cary Elwes speak, sigh. Anyway this should also be in the favorites section! I will be listening to it again. Soon!

Least favorite read of April:
Even though it's my least favorite read I still think it's worth a read :)

Weekly Memes:

Top Ten Tuesday #57 Characters I'd Like To Check In With
Top Ten Tuesday #58 Inspiring Quotes From Books
Top Ten Tuesday #59 ALL TIME Favorite Authors

Swoon Thursday #46 - Apollyon

Challenge Progress:

My series read for April:
Big. Fat. Fail...
I think I know what the problem was for this one. I had totally planned on reading The Grisha series for April. I even went as far as finishing Shadow and Bone and starting Siege and Storm. And the reason that I haven't kept going is definitely not because I did not like them. Matter of fact I loved the first book and was enjoying the next one. I think...maybe.... it's because February I pushed real hard read a bunch of review books and on top of that binged through the entire Bloodlines series. March I read a bunch of review books and then I also binged on the entire Covenant series. That's a whole lot of books and series to binge read. I think I'm on a series burnout. Here's hoping May will be better.

I actually did get one of these completed for April bringing my grand total to 15/50!

So that's it for April. I'm actually feeling a lot more motivation brewing for May. I certainly hope so because I'm feeling like such a slacker. I guess we all need a little bit of time to decompress and do...nothing. Well I'm off to go read some review books. Happy Friday everyone!!


  1. I also failed at my series for April. I'm trying to do 2 series for May to make up for it... we'll see how that goes. I'm almost done binging the wallflowers series (seriously i'm obsessed). I do want to check out that audiobook!! And, also, i hope you continue the grisha series! it's one of my faves. although siege and storm was slower than the other 2, the series is so good.

  2. I gave up for this month as well. Hopefully I can do something in June. I think I am seriously just on a binge burnout because the first 2 series were like 5 & 6 books so my brain is like ENOUGH! It's not even that I was finding Siege and Storm slow either I'm just in a funk but I WILL finish it one of these days because I have to know how it ends!!!

    Oh and I'm gonna have to check out the wallflowers series because I haven't read many Lisa Kleypas books but I did like what I read in the past!! Sooooo glad you're loving HR :D