Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday #13

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

This weeks topic is....

Since it's freebie week I figure I'd go back to the one I missed a couple weeks ago, especially with the couple of weeks I've had with reading. 

Top Ten Books I Thought I'd Like More/Less Than I Did

Some of these I have a love/hate relationship with. But let's just jump right in!

Thought I'd Like MORE...

#1 Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

Let me just start by saying that I didn't hate this book. It was good, √Čtienne was a dream blah blah blah. It was just frustrating to me. I love a good love triangle. This just had too many sides. Too many people in the way. So while I enjoyed it... I just still wanted more from it. Maybe not more, maybe just...different? I don't know. I liked it, just didn't live up to my expectations. 

#2 From Ashes by Molly McAdams

I loved the start...I raged through most of the middle...and I loved the end. Needless to say this book and I have a major love/hate thing going on. By the end I guess I can say that...I'm happy I read it? I'm still thoroughly confused about my feelings lol. 

#3 True by Erin McCarthy

Oh sweet lord this book. The only thing that kept me going for the most part was 1) Thinking there was something wrong with me that I was hating it yet everyone else was giving it 4 and 5 star reviews and 2) Tyler. His character was the one bright spot in the whole book. Overall I was satisfied by the end but not quite as satisfied as everybody around me. 

#4 Dark Wolf by Kate Douglas

I fell in love with the cover. And it really sounded like a fun read. I was looking forward to the mystery case of the rapes/murders. Sadly I got very little mystery and quite a lot of sex. And not just sex. Group sex. And even a nice little sex scene between wolves. Hot right? Excuse me while I go throw up again from reliving the experience...

#5 The S-Word by Chelsea Pitcher

There was so much wrong with this book in MY opinion that I don't even know where to begin. Besides everything I put in my review, which believe it or not was me trying to be nice, I didn't complain about the mess it was to read. Simply because I know it's an unfinished copy but still I wanted to question her writing process. There was next to none capitalization through a lot of it. And the places it did have some, it was in the mIdddLe of wOrds quite randOmLy. Headache. Mess. Just no.

Thought I'd Like LESS...

#6 The Lux Series by Jennifer L Armentrout

I seriously can't believe there was a day when I thought...aliens? Are you kidding me? But I couldn't resist Pepe and that Obsidian cover. THANKFULLY.  Hands down my favorite series OF ALL TIME. Along with my favorite book boyfriend of all time ♥ Daemon Black ♥

#7 The Covenant Series by Jennifer L Armentrout

The reason for this one is a bit different. By the time I'd discovered this series I was already a huge fan of JLA. So why was I doubting you ask? Well I wasn't...exactly. I mean I had a feeling I would like this series, but you see I am such a major Lux fangirl that I didn't think I'd ever find anything to compare to how I feel about that series. Let me just say that with only 2 Covenant books under my belt and a third in progress...I'm completely hooked! I should of known better :)

#8 The Wolves of Mercy Falls Series by Maggie Stiefvater

I've always been a vampire girl and my bestie has leaned more towards the werewolf side. Yeah we're Team Edward, Team Jacob divided as well. So after we'd finished reading the Fallen series together she was raving about this book Shiver and kept telling me I needed to read the series next. The vampire girl in me kept fighting her on it until eventually I broke down and bought not only Shiver but Linger and Forever as well. Normally I don't buy an entire series unless I know I like it but stupid me bought them all. I will say I wasn't fully into Shiver but I made it through and when I wasn't blown away I was kicking myself for buying the other 2. Not wanting to put money to waste I went ahead and started Linger. What a difference one book made. I fell in love with the last two books and it turned me into a partial wolf girl :)

#9 Between The Lines Series by Tammara Webber

When I read the blurb I just didn't think I would be interested in some Hollywood Heartthrob trying to hook up with his new costar. It just sounded cheesy. But...I had previously read Easy also by Tammara Webber so I figured that anyone who can write a book that good was worth trying out whatever else she'd written no matter what I thought about the summary. I am SO glad I tried because I LOVE this series. Tammara Webber is amazing PERIOD. A character I loathed with a fiery passion from the depths of hell from book one and book two? She turned me completely around by book 3 and dare I say...I ended up adoring him? That's talent!

 photo HushHush_zps40f2777b.jpg

#10 Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzhpatrick

I heard about this series shortly after reading the Fallen series. So when I looked up Hush, Hush I pretty much felt like they were going to be too similar and I probably was going to have a hard time reading it because I liked Fallen way too much. Granted I've only read this one at this point (the other 3 are sitting on my desk and I'll hopefully get to them soon) but I don't feel like they're all that alike at all, though who knows maybe it'll change in the rest of the books but we'll see. I really enjoyed this one.

So there you have it 5 books I liked more and 5 books I liked less than I thought I would! What did you all do for your TTT Freebie week?


  1. The Lux and Covenant series are there, waiting for me to read. I especially want to read the latter.
    I have to disagree about Hush, Hush, but maybe that's because I'm not a big fan of angels in general. And the books were WAY too cheesy. And I loved Anna and the French Kiss, but I get why you'd have expected something different. I did so myself. It's just that I can't find a thing I don't like about that book, even though it's light and fun. Sometimes we all need light and fun. I'm also not a big fan of huge love triangles, so I was glad that while there it wasn't so dramatic.

  2. Well, we all know I agree with you on True! Hahah. I did like Anna, but I agree- there were way too many people in the middle of it all! LOVE the Lux series, which is funny because I HATED Daemon. I was like, "Uhhh this douche is gonna be our love interest? Oh hells no!" But then I kept reading and the bugger stole my heart. Great list!!

    My TTT

  3. I haven't read the Between the Lines series because I LOVED Easy and the series didn't sound tooo interesiting. But I'm thinking I should check it out now =)

  4. I really want to read the Between the Lines series. I've been eyeing up those covers for what feels like forever. I need to go back and give Shiver a re-try. I couldn't get into it a few years back, but I really liked her most recent book. Oh, but Anna and the French Kiss is one of my all-time favorites. Oh, well. Great list!
    Natflix&Books' TTT

  5. Lux and Covenant were great! And I'm a huge fan of Angels so that's why I enjoyed Hush, Hush so much! But as for Anna, I love a GOOD love triangle but the one in Anna just got to be too much for me which is why I enjoyed it but not as much as I thought I would :)

  6. I wanna say how can you hate Daemon?! But then I think..."YESSSS HE'S MINE ALLLLLL MINE!!!!" Muahah..ha...ha..er Thanks Jess :D

  7. That's exactly how I was but because of Easy I gave them a chance and for ME they were SO GOOD!

  8. Yeah I honestly couldn't get into Shiver at all. But like I said Linger is what sucked me in and Forever finished it off with a bang and made it a favorite series of mine. Maybe give Linger a try? MAYBE it'll do the same for you.

  9. Yay!! I was beginning to think I was a freak over the whole Anna thing haha! And if you loved Linger I'm sure you're going to love Forever as well. I think things picked up for me with Linger because of the addition of Cole St Clair. I absolutely loved that deeply damaged boy. He brought so much more to the series.