Friday, June 28, 2013

Feature and Follow Friday #05

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Q: What is your preferred reading format? Hardcover, eBooks, paperback etc?

Okay let me break for you.  For my absolute favorite books, the ones I could read again and again, I prefer to have either hardcover or paperback. Hardcover if I can afford it but I will settle for paperback. I love having that physical contact (Okay maybe I hug them...but that's normal right? Right!) and nothing beats that bookish smell. Okay I see that look you're getting. You know you secretly sniff your books too!

I always swore I would never...I mean one of those people who bought an eReader of any type. That's like bookworm sacrilege right? Well, that's what I used to think. Then one day about a year ago I was sitting there on the Barnes & Noble website having a major internal battle. My brain was looking at the Nooks saying "Do it! Do it! Do it!" while my heart was saying "Noooo! That's not even close to reading a book. Resist!!" Well guess who won? *Glances discreetly at Nook*


So I loved my Nook, I discovered new authors, inexpensive books, sometimes even free ones! And then one day I was talking to one of my non-reader friends (Yeah I know right?! Can you believe they exist? Pffft) and she was complaining about her mom and how spoiled she is by her dad and she's like "I called her the other day and he's bought her both a Nook AND a Kindle!!" I was like what on earth? Who does that? Why would you need both??!!!?!?!! I will never be one of those people for sure! Nope I'm happy with my Nook. *Looks down, cheeks flushed with embarrassment* 

Okay look! Amazon always has such good deals on Kindle!! I had to!!! Sigh. And ever since I bought the thing I've become such a 1 click junkie. I'm so not kidding. My blogging besties and I complain about our clicking habits all the time...right after we encourage each other to buy another book ;)

So basically I'm very much an eBook kind of person at the moment. But if I truly love the book I eventually get physical copies of it if they're available as well. What can I say? I'm a book hoarder!!

Sorry I rambled I do that sometimes... Anyway, thanks for stopping and if you're a new follower let me know in the comments! I always return the favor :) I prefer Bloglovin' follows as GFC is going bye bye soon. And feel free to follow and bug me on Twitter. It's my other addiction and I'm always up to meet fellow bloggers. Have a great weekend lovelies!!! ♥♥

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  1. I am an eBook Junkie too! I had several reasons for why. I still love epic books like HP in hard format as well but the pros of eBooks win me over! :-)

  2. LOL. Love this. I used to collect books and would always want hard copies. These days I'm content with my Nook. (Except, now I need a Kindle too. And I'm really irritated they're not going to be making Nooks anymore. SIGH.)

  3. Cute blog title and banner! I love the movie Tangled :)

    new followers via bloglovin :)

    tina @

  4. Excellent answer and I agree with everything, except I don't own a nook, just 2 kindles lol. In my defense one is the old one and the other is a Paperwhite. I just had to have that inner light. Reading in the dark in awesome ;)

    New Follower via Bloglovin'

    Nyx @ Unraveling Words

  5. LOL, love the post. I swore I'd never get an ereader, but low and behold I recently got a Kindle because it really was a good deal! On the plus, I'm buying a lot more. I've always frequented the library, but ebooks are so affordable. Ebooks will never replace the real thing, but they are convenient. Old follower.


    Meredith’s Musings

  6. You? An eBook Junkie? Shut up! :D Yeah I'm getting to be the same way. It's just too convenient to take the Kindle anywhere and read.

  7. They aren't?? Wth! I wonder what that will do to getting books on them? Yikes.

  8. Yeah I just went ahead and got the cheapest one on both of them. I have an awkward little clip on book light that works for now. Maybe some day I'll upgrade! :) Thanks for stopping by :D

  9. Hehe thanks!! If you're anything like me...that kindle is going to be your downfall (In a good way haha) I go a bit crazy ever since I got it. But yeah I agree it'll never be like holding a real book but it's just way too convenient.

    Thanks for stopping by Meredith :)!

  10. There is nothing wrong with hugging a book. I had a friend who teased me about stroking my favorites (I would run my fingers down the pretty covers). :) Great Post!
    Here is my FF.

  11. I hug all the books too! The employees at B&N probably think I'm nuts because I will touch everything. I told my fiance "I went into B&N and touched EVERYTHING in the YA section." Him: That sounds sketchy.... Me: Hmmmmmm. hahahah