Saturday, June 29, 2013

Weekly Haul #17

Stacking the shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga's Reviews. It's basically a way in which we get to show off the lovely new goodies we got over the past week/month however you decide to do it. (Because let's face it, us bookish types love to drag everyone down with us.)

I'm usually so on top of things, especially my Weekly Haul posts. I literally finish one and by the next day I'll have at least one free kindle book or something and I get the next weeks post all prepped so all I have to do is add a book each time I get one then hit post by Saturday. I'm just in a blogging slump this week. I'm doing all of this today when I post it and I'm not even putting much effort into it. The physical copies I got I'll put in next weeks because I'm just sort of like..."Meh" But let's get this done because all I feel like doing is curling up and reading.

For Review/Blog Tour:

This book has been on my radar since I first bought my Nook last year sometime but I never got around to picking it up. So when I got an email asking if I wanted to help promote book 2 I thought why not. A huge thanks to Anjana at Entangled Publishing for sending me review copies of both books!! I just started this one this morning and I'm already hooked :D

Review for blog tour Aug 22nd

This was SO good. Review to come the week of release. Thanks again to Entangled Publishing for this and the one below!


 photo SubjectToChange_zps1cadfd4c.jpg photo ForYou_zps6f91e0c1.jpg

Subject to Change (Picturing Perfect #2) by Alessandra Thomas

The Impact of You by Kendall Ryan

For You by Mimi Strong

 photo TheLoveGame_zpsda90201a.jpg photo PlayingForKeeps_zps1e23869d.jpg


 photo WhiteTrashBeautiful_zpsbadcbfe7.jpg photo TheSilverChain_zps916094a2.jpg photo SavingWIshes_zpsff8a17fa.jpg

Losing Hope (Hopeless #2) by Colleen Hoover
It was (not sure if still...) Read Now on NetGalley the other day. Dropped everything. It's been read in  a matter of hours and wow...she got me again. Review to come soon.

So what did you get this week?

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  1. Another cartload of books! You've reminded me that I have The One I love mystery book on my kindle with forever, I need to read plus I hear its really good. I have The Silver Chain too, couldn't resist! I'm going to go have a look at White Trash Beautiful to see what its about, I like the look of it. Happy reading :-)

  2. Great haul! Lots of titles this week. I saw Losing Hope on NetGalley. I knew a lot of people were going to be excited. I haven't read the first book, but I've heard good things. Happy reading, Sheri! Thanks for stopping by earlier!
    -Natalie @Natflix&Books

  3. Awesome haul! Hehe, 1 clicking. Amazon knew what they were doing, that's for sure!!

    Yeah, well, if you think you're bad with posting... my parents visit has completely thrown off my schedule. I'm um, finishing my StS post as we speak (as I type).

  4. You and your inability to not shop on Amazon. HA The love Game looks interesting! :) Have a good week-- looking forward to your review on Losing Hope

  5. YAY for Emma's books! I can't wait for you yo read them! And I liked Subject to Change! Hawk is sexy. I so blame you guys for Losing Hope. I haven't even read Hopeless yet! I got approved for The Silver Chain too apparently (or so said the email), but I didn't click on it yet. And I've had White Trash beautiful forever. I need to read it soon!

  6. Awesome haul! I shall be buying the Emma Hart books soon!! :-)

  7. I think (I'm almost positive) I saw it on your blog? Or maybe you mentioned it on Twitter? (The One I Love) anyway I saw it SOMEWHERE and I had to snag it as well. It looked interesting enough. I couldn't resist The Silver Chain either. I swore off NG and then they freaking email me stuff. Jerks! :D

  8. Thanks Natalie! Yeah it was amazing as was Hopeless. If you like emotional reads. And that's an understatement!

  9. Yeah well you have an excuse! You're a busy lady! I was just lazy and feeling unbloggerific (Nice word Sheri...SMH)

  10. It's a sickness I swear. I'm hoping they never find a cure haha. Yeah it does! I blame Jessica for that one! *Gives her the evil eye*

  11. I am looking forward to meeting Hawk (awesome name) and Emma's books as well :D I couldn't resist clicking on The Silver Chain so hopefully it's good.

  12. If you don't I'm sure Jessica will be bugging you to soon enough. (That's how I ended up getting them, even though I would have eventually) Plus they're $0.99 right now for a giveaway that she's doing. *Hint, hint*