Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday #14

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

This weeks topic is.... 

 Top Ten Books Featuring Travel In Some Way

Holy crap are you kidding me? Let me go bang my head against the wall and come back....I'm going to make very liberal use of the word travel and I may not come up with ten but I'll try to get as close as I can. This is SO HARD!!! Sigh.

#1 The Wheel of Time Series
by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson

This is my all time favorite epic fantasy series. And most of what they do through these books is travel. It's fascinating. The places you're introduced to, the people, the cultures, the creatures. Amazing. Period.

#2 The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy 
by Douglas Adams

Normally if you were to tell me something like one of my most favorite books of all times was going to be about traveling through space after the Earth has been demolished and having run ins with all kinds of crazy alien creatures....I'd probably laugh in your face. But now I feel I should laugh in your face if YOU haven't read this. Funniest freaking book I have read. AND one of the very few times you'll hear me say the movie is as good as the book! Watch it, read it. Just get to know this piece of Sci-Fi perfection! :)

#3 The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
by J.R.R. Tolkien

All you haters can go on and hate on me for putting Wheel of Time before this but sorry. I can't help how my heart feels. I love LotR which is why it's on here but WoT I just love a little bit more. But what kind of travel list would this be if I didn't include the journey of Frodo and his crew? I haven't read them in years, probably since sometime around or after high school (Yep looooong time ago haha) But I do make a point of having a movie marathon as often as I can. Hmm it's been a while....

#4 Zoo (The Enclosure Chronicles #1)
by Tara Elizabeth

Okay so technically this one is more TIME travel than anything... But that IS travel so ha! This is a really fun, interesting and captivating story of a girl named Emma who at the beginning of the book...dies in a car accident. Only to suddenly wake up in the future as an exhibit...in a HUMAN ZOO. Love the book. Love the author. Must read! :)

#5 Phoenix (Black City #2) 
by Elizabeth Richards

There was definitely more travel in this one than in book 1 so I'm counting it. And I mean honestly it was real travel. Trying to make it through ravines and caves and across deserts. Anyway. I'm completely in love with Elizabeth Richards Black City Dystopian series. They're phenomenal.

#6 Amy & Roger's Epic Detour 
by Morgan Matson

This book was heart warming and sad and swoon worthy, just so many things wrapped up into one. And I love how music was incorporated into it as well. Ahhh I totally want to reread it now :| I'll have to put that onto my to do list! It would be a good summer read I think for those of you looking for one :)

#7 The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight 
by Jennifer E. Smith

This book is the ultimate swoon for me. Meeting a good looking British guy in an airport and sitting next to him on an 8 hour flight to London. Sigh. I know, I know the whole love at first sight thing is cheesy but this book really did it for me. I heart it very much.

Well 7 is the best I could come up with, without stretching the word travel too far. Hehe I feel like I cheated on a few of them but oh well. Sadly I have like so many books in my TBR pile sitting her on my desk and in my eReaders that I could have come up with a pretty good list. I just need to make time and get to them :| So that's my travel books what did you come up with?


  1. I really need to pick up the Black City (and then Phoenix) because I have heard they are great books! It is always great to see classics on these lists as well!

    Katie @ The Polished Page-Turner

  2. I want to read Black City soon! It looks really interesting. Nice list.

  3. Eveline @ Eveline's BooksJune 4, 2013 at 1:42 AM

    Hitchhiker's guide & Lord of the Rings are on my list too! Great top ten:)

    My TT (Scarlet):

  4. Thank you! Yeah Black City became an instant favorite of mine. I'm dying to have to wait til next year for book 3 ahhh lol :)

  5. Well you just earned a whole lot of cool points for both of those! Yay! haha :)

  6. You did well!

    Here's my Top Ten post. Hope you'll stop by!

  7. Jessica MangicaroJune 4, 2013 at 5:03 AM

    I had SO much trouble with this too!! I'm glad I'm not the only one. But here I am thumping my head against my keyboard because I forgot Tolkien. WHAT?! How does that happen?! *thump* Amy and Roger looks really good. Gonna have to look into that one!

    My TTT

  8. I have LotR on my list, too. Love. The Hitchhiker's Guide is a great one. I just started the Statistical Probability. Great list!

  9. Haha HOW COULD YOU!! BLASPHEMY!!! Yeah there were a ton of obvious ones I forgot too so I'm thumping right along with you woman!