Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Waiting on Wednesday #17

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Jill over at Breaking The Spine where we share with everyone upcoming new releases that we're eager to get our hands on! :)

Let's jump in...

So I had one other book on here but we've come to find out 06/26/2013 that it was nothing but a big old bunch of plagiarism and therefore I don't want it up here even if it's been erased and can no longer be bought.

 photo fml_zps7fe63c73.jpg

fml by Shaun David Hutchinson
Expected publication: June 25th 2013 
by Simon Pulse 

There’s more than one way to get the girl in this fun and fast-paced novel about one epic party and a kiss that could change everything. 

Tonight’s the night: Simon’s big chance to finally get with Cassie. Cassie, who he’s loved for ages. Cassie, who is newly boyfriend-free. Cassie, who just happens to be throwing the biggest party of the year. Simon’s plan is simple: He’ll go to the party, she’ll fall in love with him, they’ll make out like crazy, and the night will be a complete success.

But things don’t ever go as planned…especially when it comes to Cassie.

In two alternating plotlines, Simon goes after the girl of his dreams and stumbles toward his destiny. It’s one night, one party, and a thousand ways for things to go wrong…but a million ways for them to go right.

Honestly... I just love the name "fml" lol. I mean it sounds good and all but that name! They should both be interesting reads!

What's on your blog this week? :)


  1. I almost didn't make it to the comments because I was stuck on the cover for Amazingly Broken.... when I finally got past it, I was able to read the blurb and it looks great!! Thanks for sharing both of your WoW's!!

    Here’s My WoW!

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

  2. I know right! That cover wow. Anytime there's a tattooed guy on the cover I'm like a moth to the flame. Must have it! haha I saw a excerpt in my email yesterday afternoon. Holy cow... if the rest of the book is like that one was *fans self* lol

  3. Hello hot cover man. I love you. OMG. FML looks freaking awesome! And reminds me of Can't Hardly Wait for some reason. But that's ok, but I loved that movie.

  4. I dunno if I've seen that! *Runs to Google* Ohhhhhh yes I have I LOVE that movie :D

    Hot cover man is mine *smacks hands* shoo shoooooo!

  5. They both look fun but FML looks amazeballs, like Jess my first thought was Can't Hardly Wait!

  6. Both of your picks look SO good! Thank you for sharing! =)

  7. Amazingly broken looks amazing. Oh wait, I forgot to read the blurb. Got caught up in hot cover dude.