Sunday, June 2, 2013

Weekly Haul #13

Stacking the shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga's Reviews. It's basically a way in which we get to show off the lovely new goodies we got over the past week/month however you decide to do it. (Because let's face it, us bookish types love to drag everyone down with us.)

I swear if there's ever a reality show called "Book Hoarders" I'll wind up on it. Welcome to my crazy week of binge requesting! If you've just gotten MAY want to turn back now. You could be here scrolling down for a while...a LONG while LOL If you haven't turned back already then awesome! Grab a snack and sit back, relax and let's get to this shall we??

For Review:

The Human (Eden Trilogy #2) by Keary Taylor

Eeep! I signed up to try to get a digital arc a couple weeks back and I got one yay!!! Thank you Keary!!!!

Shadow of Time by Jen Minkman

This past week I received another book of hers through NetGalley called The Island (it's listed below in this post) and I've read and reviewed it already. And while it wasn't for me personally due to part of what it's about I spent some time this week messaging back and forth with Jen. And she is an exceptionally sweet and lovely person and was very understanding about the parts I didn't like and STILL wanted to know if I would be interested in reading and reviewing this book. How awesome is that? I gladly accepted! :) Thanks Jen!!! By the way if you're interested in it at all I believe she said it will be going up on NetGalley in July? So keep an eye out! :)


 photo Anathema_zps7d0abd48.jpg photo SafeWord_zps8ce2ee12.jpg

Anathema (Casual Enchantment #1) by K.A. Tucker

Safe Word by Teresa Mummert


That was Sunday morning...last week...THANKS GUYS! Gosh... LOL :D
I think I requested a little over 30 books. I'm a glutton for punishment I know this. So far I've been declined for 2 (Yay! haha) but I wasn't too bothered because they weren't "OMG I NEED TO READ THIS" types of books anyway. But I've also been approved for, well, most of them:

 photo AReallyAwesomeMess_zpsb3f1ee66.jpg photo ThePrelude_zpsed4d2896.jpg photo WhenInParis_zps28e0fe66.jpg

 A Really Awesome Mess by Trish Cook and Brendan Halpin

The Prelude (A Musical Interlude #1) - KaSonndra Leigh
These two don't really count because they're on Read Now auto approval but the rest were requests

The Island by Jen Minkman

Unbound by Dale Mayer

 photo Unbound_zps7b09e0db.jpg photo TheScourge_zps31be7f1e.jpg photo LeftDrowning_zpsec549b04.jpg

Skin by Donna Jo Napoli

The Scourge (Brilliant Darkness #1) by A.G. Henley

Left Drowning by Jessica Park

 photo NightTalk_zpsf9fa9e4c.jpg photo BeddingTheWrongBrother_zps6c2edd2a.jpg photo Contributor_zps1ba4bda5.jpg

Night Talk by Maxine Sullivan

Bedding the Wrong Brother (Dalton Brothers #1) by Virna DePaul

Contributor (Contributor #) by Nicole Ciacchella

 photo EyesEverToTheSky_zps1d7f79fe.jpg photo BlueHeartsOfMars_zpseb25c215.jpg photo TouchingMelody_zps98a66985.jpg

Eyes Ever to the Sky (The Sky Trilogy #1) by Katie French

Blue Hearts of Mars by Nicole Grotepas

Touching Melody (Forever First #1) by RaShelle Workman

 photo Torn_zps724ceee2.jpg photo Twisted_zpse134044d.jpg photo Crossing_zps0015421b.jpg

Torn (Torn #1) by K.A. Robinson

Twisted (Torn #2) by K.A. Robinson

Crossing by Stacey Wallace Benefiel

 photo ScarletLady_zps4bf4ce5b.jpg photo ShowdownAtLizardRock_zpsd590ffdf.jpg photo DoubleDealing_zps56d6f2a1.jpg

Scarlet Lady by Sandra Chastain

Showdown at Lizard Rock by Sandra Chastain

Double Dealing by Linda Cajio
*I didn't realize these three were "classics" when I requested them off of NetGalley. I need to start looking these up on Goodreads before I hit the button from now on I suppose. So I'm not expecting to be wowed since they're reprints from the 80s and 90s ...

 photo BeautyAndTheWolf_zps8e225bd8.jpg photo PrepSchoolConfidential_zpsd6a5df31.jpg photo Outcast_zps8f460284.jpg

Beauty and the Wolf (The Cursed Princes #1) by Marina Myles

Prep School Confidential (Prep School Confidential #1) by Kara Taylor

Outcast by Adrienne Kress

 photo Connected_zps8661946e.jpg photo Dragonfly_zpsea26af25.jpg photo DontBiteTheBridesmaid_zps485376f1.jpg

Connected (Connections #1) by Kim Karr

Dragonfly (Dragonfly #1) by Leigh Talbert Moore

Don't Bite the Bridesmaid (Sons of Kane #1) by Tiffany Allee

 photo TheForeverOfEllaAndMicha_zpsebecb301.jpg

The Forever of Ella and Micha (The Secret #2) by Jessica Sorensen

So yeah...that's my tiny little haul. Ha! So I'm pretty much spending any free moment breaking through this list, I even have a reading schedule all lined up. I never do that! But I want to get them in around the time they're due for publication and then throw the rest in where there's space. Sooooo, needless to say if I'm not commenting or responding back very quickly, or at all for that matter I've probably got my nose stuck in one of these so I apologize!



  1. ReadingToTheStarsAndBackJune 2, 2013 at 2:11 AM

    Oh my goodness so many books!! Where do I start? I know exactly what you mean about NetGalley...i just keep clicking and clicking and then my Kindle is full up. I just finsihed Crossing and LOVED IT. I got Touching Melody last week...I think! I read Everblue a few weeks ago and enjoyed it! I've heard a lot about Safe Word...I must check it out!

    Hope you enjoy all of your books!

    Stacking The Shelves & Sunday Post

    Charlie xx

  2. ReadingToTheStarsAndBackJune 2, 2013 at 2:12 AM

    So many exclamation marks...! Looks like i'm a sugar high :S


  3. Jade InkScratchersJune 2, 2013 at 4:41 AM

    SO... many... books! Wow! I absolutely loved Open Minds when I read it! I really want Crossing and Touching Melody as well! Awesome haul!!

    My Haul

  4. How in the world will you get to all of these? I have had Open Minds in my possession for like a year and haven't gotten to it yet. One day....

    SP & STS

    Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

  5. Ha I know right. I am generally a pretty fast reader. Unless I'm struggling with how I feel about a book then it can bog me down some. But I'm hopeful! :)

  6. Oh yay! I was sort of iffy about Open Minds it was an impulse download haha. And I'm excited for Crossing because I've read the author's Zellie Wells Trilogy and loved it so I'm hopeful. :) Thanks!!!

  7. Exclamation marks are highly underused! I encourage usage of them on my blog at all times!!



  8. Oh good on the Crossing!! I've read another series by Stacey and loved it so much so I had a feeling this would be good too. And I've been looking forward to Touching Melody for a while so I'm really glad I got approved! Yay on the Everblue I don't even remember downloading it (Hopefully I'm not doing it in my sleep! haha) But it looks good so maybe I got something right!

    Thanks Charlie!! xx :)

  9. Jessica MangicaroJune 2, 2013 at 6:19 PM

    You did go crazy on NG! I am SO jealous you got Forever of Ella and Micha. They denied me. :( I've read When in Paris, and I liked it. I'm on the blog tour for Dragonfly this week (so I need to read it in the next day or so. LOL) Yay! You got Safe Word too! I can't wait to get free time to start that! Which will be... probably never. Haha!

  10. Crap do I know that feeling! I'm starting Dragonfly next I just need to get through about 8% of Outcast and I'm really looking forward to that one. Yay!! Safe Word ahh I swear no more NetGalley or anything else. After I get through the *cough*30*cough* or so I have to read I'm going to take a long break and read some ME books...including Safe Word haha :P

  11. I have a tendency to get click happy on NG, too. It's hard not to! I'm really excited to read Prep School Confidential. I didn't realize it was on there until a couple of days ago, so I may have requested it too late. I have Outcast and Dragonfly, but haven't read either yet. Great haul! Happy reading and thanks for stopping by earlier!